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5 little things we love – March 2020

March 2nd 2020

by Aude Camus
Elsa Jeandedieu, French painter and visual artist, just opened her online shop

5 little things we love – March 2020
If you love wandering the streets of Soho and Sheung Wan, chances are great that you have already encountered one of Elsa’s murals. You might have met Elsa do Brasil on the wall of Uma Nota on Peel Street or the Gipsy Queen on the wall of Bedu on Gough Street. French painter, visual artist, entrepreneur and founder of Elsa Jeandedieu Studio but also competitive trail runner, Elsa definitely is an inspiring person! If you love her art as much as I do and wouldn’t say no to having one of her signature smiley faces bringing life and laughter to your interior, then you’ll be happy to hear she just opened her online shop selling beautiful art prints of her most iconic murals.
Elsa Jeandedieu online shop
From HKD 300 for A4 (210 x 297) size to HKD 1,500 for A0 size (841 x 1189)
Pirata Group’s delicacies are now available on Deliveroo

5 little things we love – March 2020
Pici, MEATS, Chaiwala, The Pizza Project, is any of those four Pirata Group’s restaurants on your list of good dining spots in town? They all are on mine! Well, if you are a lazy bee like I am and love nothing more than a Netflix and Chill kind of evening, you’ll be happy to hear that those four restaurants are now (or will soon be) available for orders on Deliveroo.
Pici and Chaiwala are already available on Deliveroo
The Pizza Project will be taking Deliveroo’s orders from March 9 and MEATS from March 16
barkTHINS allows you to indulge on chocolate while not feeling (too) guilty

5 little things we love – March 2020
Are you a choco-addict? I am! I can’t help but snacking on chocolate, it’s just so good. Well, I mean it’s good for my mood and feels good in my tummy but not 100% sure about how good it is for my health and wellness. But lucky me, I recently discovered (thanks to the lovely team at Barre2Barre, my beloved gym studio) the snacking chocolate from barkTHINS and been addicted to those delicious, satisfying Fair Trade dark chocolate bites packed with non-GMO super ingredients such as coconut, quinoa or pumpkin seed since then. Yummy and guilt-free!
Available in Hong Kong at The Store
kapok has launched its brand new webshop

5 little things we love – March 2020
kapok is my go to concept store for whenever I’m looking for something cool, trendy or just some lifestyle inspo. I’m highly and equally obsessed with both their Wan Chai shop (RIGHT HERE TO REDISCOVER THE 15 REASONS WHY WE LOVE THE SUN STREET/STAR STREET/MOON STREET NEIGHBORHOOD) and their K11 Musea one (REDISCOVER OUR TOP 5 STORES TO SHOP AT AT K11 MUSEA). They do have this very cool European concept-stores vibes and I could easily spend hours browsing at their beauty selection. Well, not sure if that’s good news for my wallet but their website just went through a nice lifting and all their products are now available online including their super cool in-house fashion brand Future Classics but also their beautiful candles selection (I’m obsessed with candles) and of course their perfect selection of nice beauty brands. 
kapok webshop
ImpossibleTM plant-based dishes are now available on Deliveroo and Foodpanda

5 little things we love – March 2020
Are you still working from home? I’ve been on and off my office over the past few weeks, making it slightly challenging to stick to my “eat healthy during the week so that you can indulge on weekends” philosophy. I don’t know why but whenever I’m at home, I tend to have way less self-control than when I’m in the office and crave for comforting food. Well, be it. But if I’m going to indulge I can at least try and make it a sustainable feast by replacing meat with ImpossibleTM plant-based dishes: I absolutely love Beef & Liberty’s burgers and their ImpossibleTM options are just as good as their meaty ones, so are the ImpossibleTM dumplings from Chili Fagara and the ImpossibleTM Bao from Little Bao.


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