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One click, our fav online shops to stock on yummy products

February 13th 2020

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As many of us are currently stuck at home and not exactly willing to bother hitting up the grocery stores (not to mention a few supply shortages), we thought we would share our fav online shops for you to stock on yummy (and traceable!) products. 
by alphabetical order 

Cheese Club 
French Artisanal Cheese 

One click, our fav online shops to stock on yummy products
Calling all the French lovers out there … if I told you I know where you can get French artisanal cheeses (think Époisses, Camembert, Mont d’Or, Brie, Saint-Félicien …) sourced from family owned cheese businesses and small French producers including two Best France Cheesemongers and Best International Cheesemonger at a pretty similar price to what you will be paying in France, what would you say? Yes please, right? 
Every month, Cheese Club organizes a group order for those cheeses. All you have to do is to fill in the online order form in due time and then wait for all the smelly goodies to be delivered to your doorstep. Easy, cheesy, peasy! 
Click here to discover Cheese Club's February order form 

Cheese Club
Farmer’s Market
Premium Farm Fresh Australian Meat 

One click, our fav online shops to stock on yummy products
Traceability of the food I’m eating has been a real concern over the past few years, a concern which has grown stronger in light of the current situation. For meat ordering, my go to place is Farmer’s Market, an online butcher offering fresh naturally farmed meat (but also a selection of seafood products) sourced mostly from Australia. Fresh, tasty, traceable and sustainable (free range, free of any hormones and antibiotics) … what else do you need? 

When placing an order for the first time, enter code hkmadame to enjoy 15% off*
*code is valid for first time order only with a minimum order of HKD 500
Farmer's Market 
Place your order before 12pm from Monday to Friday for next day delivery
L’Azur Gourmet 
The ultimate French online supermarket

One click, our fav online shops to stock on yummy products
I have to admit I do miss French supermarkets and their selection of gourmet yet affordable products. There are so many products you would find in my cart every week back in France and which I cannot find in Hong Kong … or couldn’t  before I discovered L’Azur Gourmet which actually stocks many of those goodies: chilled products (including my fav French yogurts), snack and confectionaries, breakfast items, they even have an organic selection and a gourmet one. Time to make some room on your kitchen shelves and order on L’Azur Gourmet!

For all orders made before February 29, enjoy 5% discount on original price items when using the code HKM5%OFF
L'Azur Gourmet 
Free delivery for all orders over HKD 500 

M&C Asia
The Fresh French Seafood Market 

One click, our fav online shops to stock on yummy products
Looking for French fresh seasonal seafood? Look no further than M&C Asia, sourcing all their products from small-scale fisheries along the Atlantic Coast of France, carefully monitoring the supply chain and making sure that each and every product can be traced back to the shore where it comes from. And one thing you should now when eating seafood (just like when you eat fruits and vegetables) is that seasonality is key …  at the moment, something seasonal and yummy to order is the Dover Sole. 
For all orders made in February, enjoy 20% on all seafood items when using the code STAYHEALTHY 
M&C Asia 
My Market
The only online shop in town offering 100% French products (dry, chilled and frozen) 

One click, our fav online shops to stock on yummy products
Offering a unique selection of over 400 French only products , ranging from meat to fish, organic products, dairies, vegetables, bread and pastries … from more than 60 different brands, My Market has become my go to place for all my French food cravings. You can take the girl out of France, but you can’t take France out of the girl. 
My Market
Place your order before 4pm for next day delivery 

Plantin Kaviari 
French finest food delivery straight to your doorstep 

One click, our fav online shops to stock on yummy products
Any foodies out there? You and I would definitely get along! Let’s be honest, aren’t French food products just the best products in the world? I mean how could one resists to caviar, truffles, foie gras, fresh meat, poultry,, cheese, ham, juices … Gosh, I’m hungry now!  Well, if you too need your fix of fresh French products, you’ll find what you need on Plantin Kaviari. I especially love their poultry and meat selection featuring free-range products which are fresh, traceable, non frozen and free of hormones. Quality does definitely taste better! 
When placing an order for the first time, enter code HKM15 to enjoy 15% off (valid in February only)

Plantin Kaviari    
Fresh food (meat and poultry) is to be ordered a week before delivery. Delivery twice a week.  
Other products are delivered every day from Monday to Friday and can be ordered the day before.  

The fishmongers of the chefs … but also your fishmonger

One click, our fav online shops to stock on yummy products
Ever wondered where do your favourite chefs get their fresh fish and seafood from? Based in Brittany, Qwehli has been supplying chefs and some of the most elegant tables around the world for more than 10 years with a meticulous selection of seasonal and traceable seafood products caught at the right place and the right time (outside of reproduction period). Their products are available all year long thanks to a revolutionary preservation technique which preserves the cells of the products in a state close to the living through a combination of extreme cold temperature and magnetic resonance. Preserving the cell integrity results in nutriments, taste and texture being kept intact. Once defrosted, the products feel and taste as if they had just been taking out of the ocean. It's actually so fresh that all their products are Sashimi Grade meaning that you can safely enjoy them raw. I do love a good old scallop tartare if you ask. Before I discovered Qwehli I used to only have seafood when eating out but now, every day (well not exactly every but almost) day is a seafood feast!

Click to discover Qwehli's list of products and order form 
Seasonal fruits which are not only fresh but also tasty 

One click, our fav online shops to stock on yummy products
With the current gloomy atmosphere and the virus spreading around us, Vitamin C is more than ever needed and the straightest and healthiest way to get your dose of vitamins is by eating your fruits. But not those tasteless, over-packed, fruits from the supermarkets please no. No I’m talking traceable, seasonal and tasty fruits. Such as the one delivered to your doorstep by WHAT’sIN. How does it work? All you have to do is choose the size of your surprise box  (M for HKD 415 or L for HKD 668 and perfect for a family), place your order and wait for it to be delivered to you. What’s in the box is a surprise but you can always check what was in the previous week’s box to give you an idea. You can either go for a one-off or subscribe to weekly or bi-montly deliveries. Not a big fan of surprises? That’s ok! They also offer solo and duo boxes  featuring a single seasonal fruit or vegetable or a nice mix of two seasonal varieties. 


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