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Back To Work To Do List

August 30th 2019

by Aude Camus 
As a child, were you the kind of one to be excited for a new scholar year or depressed that the holidays were over? I was the excited kind! I just loved my little back to school rituals: buying new stationeries and clothes, discovering my new teachers and classmates, exchanging holidays souvenirs with friends, signing-up to new extra-scholar activities … It always felt to me that September was the time of the year for new beginnings and for setting-up new intentions. Even now that I’m a grown-up person (or at least try and pretend to be one) I still have my back to work check list to get me going and kick off the last four months of the year with a clear mind.

Get a health check-up 

Back To Work To Do List
I always find the last quarter of the year to be a quite stressful one and getting a health check-up to make sure everything is going well and you don’t have any lack of nutrients might be a great idea to keep you going until a well-deserved end of the year break. 
Where to go? LifeHub Wellcare Central, a one-stop wellness center where health coaches, nutritionists and other healthcare practitioners are on a mission to help you improve your health and uplift your lifestyle with a full range of integrated treatments and products. 
The mission of LifeHub is basically to help you achieve optimal health by improving your health and wellness but also preventing serious diseases from developing in the first place by addressing the underlying factors for those diseases such as genetic predisposition, environment and lifestyle choices.
Hong Kong Madame’s fav service at LifeHub Wellcare CentralIV Drips thanks to which vitamins, minerals and amino acids are directly injected into your bloodstream, bypassing the gut and liver and therefore not depending on your gut’s absorption rate, to correct intracellular nutrient deficiencies. We usually go for Energy Boost or Metabolism Boost but options ranges from Detox Boost to Jetlag and Hangover or Immunity Boost. 
Other services include Lab Tests (Food Intolerance, Weight Management profile, Sleep and Stress Balance, Cycle Mapping and Fertility Hormone …), SupplementsTherapies such as Oxygen Therapy or Acupuncture. 
LifeHub Wellcare Central
1/F, The Loop, 33 Wellington Street – Central 

Stock-on cute stationery

Back To Work To Do List
Again a reminiscence of my childhood but I can’t start a new scholar (or should I say work) year without buying cute stationery: a new planner where to keep track of my meetings and write to do lists, a few notebooks (one in my bag, a few on my desk, one in each room of my apartment … so that I can write down ideas as they come), a desk or wall planner … I know I could also just use my Iphone and Mac to write all those things down, but it just doesn’t feel the same. 
Where to go? kikki.k, my fav brand when it comes to cute yet very smartly designed stationery. 
Rediscover our interview of Jacqueline, Director of kikki.k in Hong Kong

Take a moment to relax and breathe 

Back To Work To Do List
Being back from a 2 weeks break (or more than 2 weeks for the lucky ones out there) with 600 unread emails in your mailbox, having to run all over town to make sure your children are enrolled for their fav extra-scholar activities, dealing with all the last minute things you haven’t (and couldn’t possibly) anticipated … early September can be (and is usually) so stressful that by the end of the month it already feels like your summer break was ages ago. If you want to make it to the end of the year without breaking down, you definitely should consider taking some time off and treating yourself to a moment of peace and silence. 
Why don’t you book yourself in for a massage? We recently tried and loved brand new elu.spa and newly renovated Spa L’Occitane, And if you are  in the mood for pampering, a new haircut or hair color is also a great way to treat yourself and a beauty break at luxury eco-salon emmanuel f. is always such a treat. 
You might also consider giving a go to meditation or maybe Reiki
Hong Kong Madame’s fav place for wellnessFivelements Habitat, an urban wellness sanctuary recently opened in the heart of Times Square and where to be initiated to the sacred arts such as yoga and meditation, treat yourself to delicious plant-based cuisine and discover holistic healing and therapies. A few hours at Fivelements Habitat provide the same benefits as a wellness getaway in Bali. Give it a go, you’ll love it. And make sure to visit the soundscape meditation room! 
Here to rediscover our visit at Fivelements Habitat
Fivelements Habitat 
Level 13A, Times Square, 1 Matheson Street – Causeway Bay  
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Plan your next escape

Back To Work To Do List
Believe me, the best way to fight the post-holiday depression is by having your next holiday in sight! 
Nothing planned yet? Did you know that there are a few public holidays coming-up early October? You might be interested checking at our 5 destinations for a break max 5 h away from Hong Kong guide. Or you could also book yourself for a staycation! Maybe a luxurious one at St. Regis Hong Kong
Going to Siem ReapChiang MaiHoi An or Seoul in the next few months? Check out our related travel guides! 
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Well, seems like you are now all set to ease yourself back at work.


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