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Watch your favourite shows and movies from all around the world in the comfort of your home

September 30th 2021

Watch your favourite shows and movies from all around the world in the comfort of your home
This article has been written by Aude Camus in collaboration with NordVPN.
With international travel still a remote prospect for us Hong Kong residents, we’re taking any opportunity we can to enjoy a sense of escapism in our daily lives.  To all my expat fellows out there: don’t you miss your favourite TV shows from home?
I’ve been lucky enough to go back to Paris this summer and I have to say there is something about French TV that makes me feel at home. Whether it is a show, some stupid ads or the news that I’m watching at, I just feel like I can relate to it. Anyone here feels the same? I know what you’re gonna say and yes it’s true you can watch French TV shows on Netflix Hong Kong.
But I’ve already binge watched them all: Call My Agent!, Emily in Paris, Lupin season 1 part 1 and part 2 and L’Agence aka The Parisian Agency: Exclusive Properties …so what do I do next? I wish I could access Netflix France catalogue and stream all the French movies and shows whenever I want. Because yes, in case you didn’t know, Netflix catalogue is different in each and every country.

Watch your favourite shows and movies from all around the world in the comfort of your home
Actually I wish I could access Netflix US as well because it’s one of the world largest Netflix catalogues with more than 6,000 TV shows and movies, many of which are not (yet?) available in Hong Kong.
Not to mention other platforms available abroad but not in Hong Kong. I have to confess an addiction to BBC dramas: Pride and Prejudice, The Night Manager, War and Peace, Sherlock, Peaky Blinders …  I could watch them all over and over again. And I’m already gearing up for the new dramas coming out this year and beyond. I cannot wait for Ridley Road, a thriller adapted from the bestselling novel of the same name telling the story of a young Jewish woman who infiltrates the neo-Nazi movement in post-war London, to be available on BBC iPlayer.
And with a toddler, I’ve been living on Disney+ this summer and I wish we could watch in in Hong Kong too.
Now if you feel the same, I’m happy to share my little secret. Have you ever thought about buying a VPN? By hiding you IP address and therefore your location, a Virtual Private Network such as NordVPN allows you to access geo-restricted services. If your tired of getting the “this content is not available in your country” message when trying to stream a show, your VPN will allow you to bypass restrictions. Start your VPN, hop on a server location that fits your needs, seat down, relax, pour yourself a glass of wine and turn on TF1. What about a cup of tea to pair with a BBC drama or some popcorn to enjoy with a movie from HBO Max?
The pandemic has thought us that having a little cocoon where you feel cosy and safe is a must, so here’s to spending some quiet time at home streaming your favourite shows and movies from all around the world.

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