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March 15th 2017

by Aude
I must confess, every dinner at one of the venue from Le Comptoir Group had me over excited. Why so? Because every time I am pretty sure that I will enjoy super yummy food in a stunning place. From Breton lobster at Bibo, Sheung Wan arty gem, to Brazilian/Japanese tapas at stunning Djapa, each of my recent dinner with them was a big crush. Imagine how I felt when I heard they just opened their 10-seats sushi counter on Hollywood Road!
Are you ready for a traditional Edomae sushi experience? I am! Edomae sushis? Particular type of sushis created by the Edo (old name for Tokyo) fast food businesses during the 1820’s. 

Umi is a beautiful little den, the den of Chef Yukio Kimijima. Seat at the incredible Japanese wooden counter and get ready to enjoy a unique and very private show. Chef Yukio Kimijima is just so nice, feel free to ask him as many questions as you want … this is part of the experience.

“Can I have the menu?” Oh darling, don’t bother with that. Umi is an Omakase experience meaning that you leave it up to the Chef. Believe me, you won’t regret it. Forget your traditional makis and sushis, those 16 dishes (yes it is a 16 dishes menu but no worries you can handle it, one sushi stands for one dish) are nothing like you ever tasted before. Or at least it was completely new to me!
Dishes one to four are the appetizers. A truffle rice to open your appetite, an incredibly surprising Hirame (halibut) marinated in plum juice, abalone with abalone liver sauce that had me reconsider my negative views on abalone and a divine Hokkaido scallop wrapped in a seaweed. Of courses, everything is made in front of you by Chef Kimijima himself. A very precise dance that have you very excited thinking of the next dish to come. Then come the sushis, dishes five to fourteen. Drop your chopsticks, the traditional way of eating those is with your hand (remember Edomae sushis were fast food at first). Grab it on the counter, because yes the Chef served them directly on the counter, put in in your mouth and eat it in one go. Also make sure to do it in less than five seconds. Why so? Just because it is the way to do it.
Sushis will take you from Sayori (Japanese halfbeak) to Snapper and a surprisingly sweet Kuruma Ebi (Japanese shrimp). You will also enjoy three different pieces of Tuna: Akami, the chef favourite with a vibrant red colour, Chu-Toro and the famous fatty O-Toro. Each and every piece of fish is super fresh and has a very unique taste. Do not forget to take a sip of matcha from time to time. Or go for the sake, even better. The uni roll, miso soup with clam, egg and the homemade mochi will have you close a dinner like no other.

A very traditional and unique experience in the heart of Sheung Wan. Arigato Chef Kimijima!
Shop 3, G/F, 159-163 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan

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