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October beauty hits

Our 10 Fav Finds at Sephora Hong Kong

October 3rd 2019

by Aude Camus 
It’s a beauty news you can’t really have missed (or am I spending way too much time on social media?): after leaving the 852 in 2010, Sephora is physically back to Hong Kong (Sephora Hong Kong was already selling online) with a 4000 sqft shop in ifc mall. This brand-new shop, the first one of an upcoming series, has only been open for less than a month but already had me spend way too much money in products that I don’t (most often) need but desperately want to try. Navigating through the crowded shop and finding what you are looking for on the displays can be overwhelming so I thought I would share my top 10 fav finds with you. 
by alphabetical order 
Scalp RevivalTM Charcoal + Coconut Oil Micro Exfoliating Shampoo 

October beauty hits
It does look like a mask, but I am not crazy, it is well indeed a shampoo. The charcoal detoxifies, exfoliates and help rebalance the scalp while the coconut oil brings moisturisation and soothes. It is also enriched in peppermint and spearmint oils for a cooling effect and in tea tree oil with antiseptic and healing properties. 
Why we love it so much: it is 98% naturally derived and free from silicones, sulfates, parabens and chemicals. Also, you apply it by vigorously massaging into the scalp and there’s nothing quite like a scalp massage to relax and unwind. 
Psst: it is also available as a miniature (30ml/HKD 90) if you wanna give it a go before buying the full-size version or if you are traveling and wanna take this hero product with you.  
Also available online
HKD 330 
T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial Mask

October beauty hits
Founded in the US in 2012, Drunk Elephant is the brand everyone is talking about at the moment in Hong Kong: clean products free of additives and enriched with Marula Oil. Did you know that Marula Oil is high in antioxidants and essential fatty acids making it a winning natural ingredient for skincare? I couldn’t wait to give a go to the brand and decided to start with one of their best-sellers the Babyfacial Mask. 
Why we love it so much: because it’s like getting a professional facial! It exfoliates the pore, gets rid of dead skin cells, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and leaves you with an elastic and bright skin. Baby skin for life, yeah! Not to mention how easy it is to use: you apply a thin layer on your skin, leave it for 20 min and rinse and voilà! 
Also available online
HKD 625 
Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo

October beauty hits
Another beauty brand which is making roaring debuts in Hong Kong is Fenty Beauty, launched by the one and only bad girl Riri. And if there’s one thing Rihanna is definitely good at it is catching the light so, of course, I was dying to give a go to her collection of highlighters! This Duo version is exclusive to Sephora and is exactly what I was looking for: a product that delivers easy natural day glow and killer shimmer for party nights! 
The shade we are buying: After Snack / Mo’Hunny 
Also available online
HKD 308
Cacao Coffee Scrub 

October beauty hits
Back in August, I was telling you how much I love the vegan and cruelty-free coffee beans-based body exfoliator from Frank Body.
Well, good news is my fav exfoliators are now selling at Sephora making it even easier for me to find them in Hong Kong. Yeah! 
Also available online
HKD 150 
Enzyme Cleansing Gel 

October beauty hits
I first discovered this American brand this summer, in Miami, and loved their packaging. While searching for more info, I found out that the brand won many beauty awards over the years and is a celeb fave. I knew I should have had bought a few of their products back in Miami but couldn’t fit any additional items in my suitcase so thought I will try and find the brand in Hong Kong which I eventually did … at Sephora. Yeah! My fav Mario Badescu’s product so far is this cleansing gel. 
Why we love it so much: the non-foaming gel formula is super fresh and makes it the perfect skin booster if used first thing in the morning. It is perfect for sensitive skin but yet enriched in papaya and grapefruit extracts which contains natural exfoliation properties and therefore it helps to prevent blackhead and pimple. And it lasts forever! 
Also available online
HKD 110 for 236 ml / HKD 180 for 472 ml 
No.3 Hair Perfector

October beauty hits
I dye my hair every 6 to 8 weeks to maintain my beloved “Swedish” blonde and even though I do it at eco luxury salon emmanuel f. (the best salon in town if you ask me!) using only natural products which are not damaging for my hair, I still need to make sure I treat them with extra-care and offer them a daily dose of love! 
OLAPLEX is often mentioned as one of the best brands for people who dye their hair and I first start using this product around Christmas last year. I am probably already on my 5th or 6th bottle … it gives you an idea of how much I love it. But it is not always easy to find the brand in Hong Kong so I’m definitely happy to now know they stock it at Sephora. 
Why we love it so much: it does repair the damaged strands like quite no other product and after using it for several months I can definitely see an overall improvement of my hair texture.
Also available online
HKD 280 
Hair Oil 

October beauty hits
Another American brand which has been on my bathroom shelves for several months now and I still love this hair oil as much as I did when I first tried it last November.
Nothing has changed since then. The scent of this oil is still fresh and divine, and it protects hair from many damages including sun damages. Took a bottle with me for my summer holidays and my color hasn’t fade in the sun nor my hair has been damaged by the sun, sea salt or chlorine from the pool. 
Also available online
HKD 235
Scalp & Body Scrub

October beauty hits
Another OUAI product which I think is a must have (although to be honest, I would buy absolutely all their products if I could) is this Scalp and Body Scrub. Just like your body needs exfoliation to get rid of the dead cells, your scalp also needs its weekly detox. But you don’t wanna go too hard on this very sensitive part of your skin and this scrub is just what you need: its sugar crystals gently exfoliate while the product foams and bring deep yet soft cleanse to your scalp and hair.  
Why we love it so much: try and use it a few times (but not more than once a week) and you’ll see 
Also available online
HKD 300
Glow Peel Pads

October beauty hits
Wouldn’t be a proper trip to Sephora without falling for one or two Sephora goodies adequately placed next to the cashier for you to have a look at it and add them to your shopping bags before checking-out. Why can’t we resist? Because the packaging is cute and the prices super attractive. 
As I am traveling quite often, I’m always looking for good travel size beauty products to take with me and those glow peel pads formulated with 96% of natural ingredients are perfect to exfoliate and smooth the skin after a long flight or a day out exploring a new city. 
Why we love it so much: easy to use, easy to carry-on, cheap and immediate results … what else do you need? 

Also available online
HKD 55 for 20 pads / HKD 140 for 60 pads
Avocado Hand Mask 

October beauty hits

Again, the kind of product which I wasn’t exactly looking for in the store but spotted while waiting in line for the cashier and was intrigued enough to add to my shopping bag. I too often (pretty much every day) forgot to put some hand cream and sometimes want to offer an extra dose of care to the fragile skin of my hands. This Hand Mask is perfect, you put it on, leave it on for 15 min (perfect when watching a move at night for example) and just wait for it too work its magic. Easy peasy! 

Also available online
HKD 35 



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