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November beauty hits

November 21st 2018

by Aude 


November beauty hits
Remember how I went from dark blonde to polar blonde earlier this year
Well, I definitely love that very light, almost white, blond a lot but it requires a quite specific routine to ensure my hair stays healthy, shiny and beautifully blond. 
One of my fav brand to take care of my precious coloration is Davines, founded in Parma (Italy) in 1983. 
Am addicted to the MINU shampoo and the MINU conditioner, both formulated with capers blossom (giving them a quite distinctive, slightly vinegary smell but nothing too strong, quite fresh actually … a scent that I have come to love a lot) from Italy and perfectly creamy and rich. I love it because my colour stays longer.
Plus, the products are parabens-free and sulfate-free. Not to mention they have a quite nice, design packaging which I always love knowing that they are going to be on display in my bathroom.
I buy them at Indulgence hair & beauty salon in Central but they are also available on various websites. 


November beauty hits
Told you, quite obsessed with my hair at the moment! Heard about OUAI  has the new buzzing  haircare brand in the US and absolutely wanted to give it a go. Again the products are free from parabens and I love, love, love this Hair Oil
The scent is fresh and delicious, the texture is oily but not in a greasy way and it helps seal my split ends and preserve my colour. Really happy I can have it deliver to Hong Kong! 
HKD 254 on LookFantastic


With the weather getting slightly cooler and definitely less humid, my skin kinda need an extra dose of moisturization. I  need something rich to sooth and comfort my skin but also need a texture which is still light because even though cooler the weather is still quite heavy. This Nutri-Soothing Rich Cream from French brand Thalgo  is heaven! Loving its marine scent but also the texture and the fresh and soothing feels it provides. 
Available at Indulgence or online (HKD 456) at Lookfantastic


I’m exhausted … say my mind but also my body. I feel like those past few months have been a marathon and I can really feel the negative effects of exhaustion on my body: my muscles are sore and I sometimes feel like am so heavy! 
The other day, I walk in at Indulgence, ready for a relaxing massage. But, after touching different parts of my body, my therapist recommended that I go for something slightly different: a deep tissue massage to help relax my stiff neck and contracted upper back and also release soreness in my shoulders and my muscles. I ain’t gonna lie, some parts of it were painful but the muscles release was pretty much immediate. I felt so great after the massage, almost like someone has removed 20kg from my body. 
Deep Tissue Massage – HKD 850 for 60 min / HKD 1,200 for 90 min 


November beauty hits
How good are you with makeup?
I honestly suck at it! I love makeup and have more products than I could ever use in my bathroom but I just don’t know how to properly use them and create myself a nice look. My makeup routine is the same everyday: eye concealer, a touch of bronzing powder, a hint of blush on my cheeks, mascara and a touch of lipstick if I am going out.  I sometimes wish I can do sometimes a little fancier.
I had a private make-up session at The Strand  with Krystina Te Kanawa and loved it. I asked her for a makeup which looks fancier than my usual day to day one but not too fancy so that I could still wear it on a weekday and most importantly so that I could easily recreate it!
Krystina was lovely, explaining each step easily and clearly as she created the makeup on me, answering my (sometimes super silly) questions and giving me some great easy tips. The best part of it? I had a hen’s party a week after and was able to (almost) recreate the look quite easily, so crash test approved!
Of course, it doesn’t have to be a lesson and she can also just create the perfect look for you for a special event.
One on one (2.5H): HKD 1,800 / Group session (max 6 person/2.5H)): HKD 1,200 per person / Day or Evening Makeup from HKD 1,100 to HKD 1,300 / Wedding or Special event: from HKD 1,300 to HKD 1,700 
Booking by email Krystina@thestrandhk.com   / Info@thestrandhk.com  or by phone 2850 7686 


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