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Happy hump day – sweet pick-me-ups

February 26th 2020

by Aude Camus 
Happy hump day! 
You made it to Wednesday yeah. Need a pick me up to keep you going and make it through the end of the work week? I’ve rounded-up a few ideas of sweet treats you can get delivered straight to your door. You’ll thank me later. 
Le Petit Croissant 

Happy hump day – sweet pick-me-ups
Nothing like a yummy breakfast to start the day, right? Think homemade buttery croissant, pornfood pain au chocolat, addictive cute little chocolate beignet, comforting almond croissants, fresh fruits salad …. Le Petit Croissant  has everything you need to get you out of bed! And if you are really not a morning person that’s ok too because hey who said croissants are for breakfast only? Order a muffin or two and treat yourself to a nice afternoon break! 
Check out their full menu here
Order before 5 pm for next day delivery – pre-order up to a month in advance 
Deliveries start at 7 am 
Minimum order HKD 300
Le Dessert 

Happy hump day – sweet pick-me-ups
Any Chantilly whipped cream lover out there? We feel you! Is there anything more comforting than a fluffy fresh treat? 
If French, Fluffy and Fresh is your jam then you will absolutely love Le Dessert  and their signature treat: the Pavlova. A base made of French meringue, a Chantilly cream made of French milk cream from Normandy and a unique Parisian look, it’s pretty and tasty and we love it. 
Minimum order quantities for individual pavlovas  and desserts in a jar : 5 
Celebration cakes (pavlovas for 4-6, 7-9, 10-12 people) from HKD 400
Same day delivery available 
Cookie DPT

Happy hump day – sweet pick-me-ups
Who doesn’t love a good old cookie? I can never say no to a chewy treat. I know homemade cookies are the best but I’m just way too lazy to cook my own cookies and I trust Cookie DPT   to deliver freshly baked, crisp on the outside and decadently moist and chewy on the inside generous cookies straight to my place. My fav? Well, if I really had to choose one, I’d probably go for the smooth and creamy Peanut Butter cookie. Also make sure and keep an eye on their exclusive seasonal recipes. 


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