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3 food delivery services, which are not Deliveroo or Foodpanda

June 11th 2019

by Aude Camus

The Gourmet one: Black Sheep Restaurants GO 

3 food delivery services, which are not Deliveroo or Foodpanda
Do I really need to introduce Black Sheep Restaurants to you? With 20 different concepts (and counting) the group has quickly grown into being the most powerful and exciting FnB group in the 852 (click here  to read our interview of the two founders). 
I’ve tried many of their addresses already and can’t really say there’s one I don’t like.  And if I would definitely recommend eating inside their restaurants to also enjoy the unique vibes of each place (they do put many efforts in creating special atmosphere), I won’t judge you if you sometimes wish to have their yummy food deliver to you. I can be very lazy too. Great news is, they have launched their own delivery app few months ago: Black Sheep Restaurants GO
Unfortunately, not all their yummy restaurants are (yet) featured on the app but it already allows you to order some tasty dishes to eat on your sofa or share with friends.
Hong Kong Madame orders: tasty spicy food from Hotal Colombo (here to rediscover our review of the restaurant) or a pornfood pizza from Motorino

The Frenchy one: Le Petit Croissant 

3 food delivery services, which are not Deliveroo or Foodpanda
You can take the girl out of France, but you can’t take France out of the girl. For me the best breakfast on earth is a croissant. I mean, isn’t this buttery little thing the most pornfood thing on earth? So, of course, I could only love a delivery service named Le Petit Croissant
I mean, breakfast delivery … how brilliant? If there’s one meal I love to be delivered straight to my door, that’s definitely breakfast. Especially on weekend and/or after a long night of party. 
And do not get fool by the name, yes Le Petit Croissant does deliver croissants but not only. The company has rapidly grown over the past 2 years, expanding its range of products. Breakfast, lunch set, afternoon tea, healthy options … named it, they probably got it. 
Hong Kong Madame orders: the breakfast Lover’s Package (HKD 320) featuring all the essentials for a lazy morning in bed – 2 mini croissants, 2 mini pain au chocolat, 2 fresh fruit cups, 1 granola yogurt, 4 mini muffins with 4 different flavours, 1 ciabatta bread, French salted butter, goat cheese 

The Healthy one: Eatology 

3 food delivery services, which are not Deliveroo or Foodpanda
Food delivery isn’t usually really associated with healthy food. But isn’t it also the point of eating at home to try and eat something healthier than what you would have eaten outside? 
I’ve been looking for healthy options and Eatology, offering nutritious tailor-made meal plans, is a good one. 
How does it work? The team will look at your nutrition requirements and recommend a meal program based on that, drawing from more than 1,000 delicious recipes imagined since 2015. Options range from Lighter Delights to Low-carb Gluten Free, Balanced Living, Optimal Performance, Vegetarian and Asia programs but also the newly launched Paleo meal plan. You then commit for a certain amount of time, minimum 1 week, and your meals will be delivered to you on a daily basis to ensure freshness. 
A service which is great if you require a special diet whether due to allergies or because you are training for a special event but also if you are just looking for a healthy diet. 
Hong Kong Madame orders: the newly launched Paleo meal plan, the perfect plan for a clean and healthy boost. And a perfect combination for anyone doing crossfit training. Maybe not the funkiest diet as it is gluten, dairy, soy, grain and artificial free, but a nice healthy kick for anyone looking at a fresh start.



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