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Regent Hong Kong

October 10th 2023

Regent Hong Kong
by Aude Camus
Hong Kong's iconic Regent is back, and I had the privilege of spending a glorious 24 hours exploring this resplendent harbourside haven. The Regent Hong Kong, once a hospitality icon in the '80s and '90s, has returned in the summer of 2023, bringing with it a renewed sense of understated luxury and grandeur that's impossible to resist. Join me on a whirlwind tour of this legendary property, as we uncover its exquisite architecture, serene rooms, and culinary delights.   
Architectural poetry: a testament to timeless beauty
Stepping into the Regent Hong Kong is like entering a realm where history harmonizes seamlessly with modernity. Entrusted with the monumental task of breathing new life into this iconic property, while preserving its cherished legacy, was Hong Kong born designer Chi Wing Lo. The result? A sanctuary drenched in understated luxury and that radiates peace and balance amidst the city's bustling energy.

Regent Hong Kong
The hotel's entrance pays homage to its heritage with a courtyard fountain that has stood the test of time. As the grand doors inspired by ancient Chinese palaces swing open, you're greeted by the awe-inspiring "Golden Illusion." Sixteen vertical chandeliers, made of individually-crafted gold glass bricks, cast a mesmerizing golden glow across a backdrop of black marble—an exquisite take on traditional chandeliers.
What sets the Regent apart is its unwavering commitment to art. Chi and his team meticulously curated standout pieces from the hotel's extensive art and design archives, giving birth to the "Spirit of Regent Retrospective."

Regent Hong Kong
This bespoke art installation blends archival art with abstract brushwork, bridging the gap between past and future. The lobby's Calacatta white marble staircase stands as a symbol of timeless elegance, a testament to the property's storied history.
Welcome to your room, your personal heaven
The Regent Hong Kong is dedicated to providing serenity and tranquillity in every corner, starting with its guestrooms and suites. These meticulously styled spaces are tranquil oases adorned with earthy tones and soothing textures. Impeccable craftsmanship shines through in the geometric custom furniture, vaulted ceilings, and thoughtful placement of every element.

Regent Hong Kong
But the true gem of each room is the postcard-worthy window, framing captivating vistas of Hong Kong.
Adjacent to this mesmerizing window is a daybed where I spent countless hours observing the rhythmic ballet of boats crossing the harbour. These vistas are so captivating that no other pieces of art adorn the room, ensuring that you can fully immerse yourself in the breathtaking views.
The "Oasis Bathroom," a sanctuary of luxury featuring granite, oak, marble finishes, Perricone MD amenities, a Dyson hairdryer, and a chic deep-soak tub, also conveys that sense of zen. One of the highlight of my stay included soaking in the tub, sipping Champagne, while the harbour views transformed into a captivating dance of lights in the night sky.
Culinary bliss and beyond

Regent Hong Kong
Rest assure you won’t find yourself hungry. The Lobby Lounge offers breathtaking harbour views and delectable meals, including what I believe is the city's finest Afternoon Tea. The iconic Harbourside lives up to its reputation with a lavish buffet experience. The Steak House returns with a new, more sophisticated look, serving prime cuts. Award-winning Cantonese restaurant Lai Ching Heen and beloved Japanese venue Nobu are back to wow diners. And stay tuned for a brand-new bar coming by year-end.

Regent Hong Kong
Wellness facilities, including a state-of-the-art gym and a sun-drenched pool deck, promise relaxation and rejuvenation.
The Regent Hong Kong's return to the city's hospitality scene is nothing short of spectacular. It's not about glitz; it's about the seamless blend of history with a contemporary vision, intimacy with opulence, and tranquillity amidst a bustling metropolis. So, why wait to (re)discover this iconic haven of hospitality?

While the one-night stay at Regent Hong Kong was complimentary, no money has been to post this article which is entirely based on the genuine opinion of its author. 



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