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Six Senses Samui

May 7th 2024

We spent two days at the eco-conscious resort, where ocean waves and tropical wind set the rhythm

Six Senses Samui
by Aude Camus
Koh Samui holds an indelible place in my heart, forever etched as the happy ground where I exchanged vows surrounded by family and friends in February 2024. Returning to this coconut island will always evoke a profound sense of joy, but my first visit back, just two months after the wedding, was particularly special – a blend of happy memories and a gentle tug of nostalgia. For this occasion, I sought out a sanctuary that matches the significance – somewhere where to reflect on these memories while also forging new ones with my now husband and my daughter. Six Senses Samui, with its chic jungle hideaway allure and impeccable five-star service, effortlessly checked every box.
First, let's talk about location and seclusion. Tucked away on a promontory overlooking the Gulf of Thailand at the northern tip of the island, Six Senses Samui is ensconced in lush vegetation, offering unparalleled tranquillity. Despite its secluded feel, the hotel is conveniently located just 10 minutes from the airport. In Koh Samui, this proximity means you can touch down and find yourself lounging in a swimsuit beside your private pool in less than an hour. Moreover, it's not far from the vibrant Fisherman’s Village, where the island's nightlife unfolds. However, Six Senses Samui strikes the perfect balance, close enough for convenience but far enough to preserve your serenity.

Six Senses Samui
Amidst this verdant landscape, 67 private villas are scattered, each hidden amidst tropical foliage to ensure maximum privacy and peace. Have you ever dreamt of spending the night in a treehouse? I certainly had, numerous times, and my stay at the Ocean View Pool Villa half-fulfilled this fantasy in the most luxurious manner. Surprisingly reminiscent of a treehouse, the villa boasts five-star amenities including a private infinity pool flanked by sunbeds, a spacious sunken bathtub easily accommodating us three, and an alfresco shower. Enhancing the treehouse ambiance are floor-to-ceiling windows enveloping the villa, providing an immersive experience akin to sleeping amidst the embrace of tree foliage. Moreover, the villa is cleverly designed across two levels, further amplifying the chic cabin ambiance.

Six Senses Samui
Upon stepping into the villa, my immediate thought was, 'I’m never leaving; the next 48 hours will be spent right here.' After all, why venture elsewhere when you have the luxury, comfort, and privacy of your own pool? However, my resolve wavered once I embarked on a brief stroll through the resort. While the white-sand beach was undeniably enticing, my heart was captured by the Swimming on the Hill infinity pool. Surprisingly spacious and tranquil (though perhaps not so surprising given that other guests may have opted to lounge by their private pools), this oasis is adorned with plush daybeds and beckons you to refreshing dips. As you glide through the water, the pool seamlessly merges with the sea and sky, evoking a sensation of weightlessness. Don't miss golden hour; the pool's strategic positioning offers a front-row seat to nature's evening spectacle. Here, you'll bask in the glow of the setting sun, capturing the landscape's transition from soft pinks to fiery oranges and vibrant reds. Moreover, this is also where guests can indulge in daily complimentary scoops of homemade ice cream, available from 3 to 5 pm – a delightful treat that proved to be a hit with my daughter.
Then there’s the food, and let me be unequivocal – when I travel to Thailand, I crave authentic Thai cuisine. If you share my passion for genuine flavours and local ingredients, Six Senses Samui won’t disappoint. Here, Thai food rightfully takes centre stage, with an emphasis on utilising fresh herbs and vegetables sourced from the on-site garden and farm. It doesn’t really get fresher than that, does it?  
At Dining on the Hill, the resort's main restaurant, lunch and dinner are a culinary journey showcasing local delicacies against a backdrop of azure sea views. Breakfast, meanwhile, is a delightful affair with a fresh buffet spread complemented by made-to-order delights such as sweet coconut waffles and fiery Thai omelettes. And if you happen to visit during mango season, prepare to be dazzled – the mangoes here are a juicy, sweet revelation.

Six Senses Samui
I also personally loved being able to order Thai specialties at Drift at The Beach, the casual beachside restaurant. While it offers international fare like pizza and pasta – as most hotel’s pool restaurants often do, it also boasts a selection of local snacks and daily specials featuring the freshest catches of the day.
Moreover, the resort is home to one of Samui’s most renowned fine-dining establishments, Dining on the Rocks. Here, dining under the stars becomes an unforgettable experience, marked by serene surroundings (enhanced by the bonus of an exhausted toddler falling asleep moments after our arrival), the graceful dance of stars in Samui’s clear night sky, and a sumptuous feast of modern Thai fusion cuisine.
And for those who, like me, relish sipping cocktails while on holiday (because is there anything that screams tropical bliss more than a Pina Colada?), both Dining on the Rocks and Drinks on the Hill – the bar adjacent to the main restaurant, offer a menu of cocktails infused with Thai ingredients. Among them, the Mango Sticky Rice stood out to me (but don’t insist, I won’t tell you how many I had because it was probably too many), a liquid homage to Thailand’s most famous dessert, featuring homemade coconut-infused vodka and fresh mango puree.

Two days proved insufficient to fully explore all that Six Senses Samui has to offer while still allowing time for relaxation. Nonetheless, I did manage to visit the on-site farm, a thoughtful addition that underscores the hotel’s dedication to sustainability. Through initiatives such as waste reduction, community education, recycling, and local foraging programs, Six Senses Samui embodies its commitment to environmental responsibility. I intentionally left my workout gear at home, trusting my husband to attest to the quality of the gym facilities on my behalf. Regrettably, I didn't find the opportunity – or perhaps, the time (they say taking kids on holiday will be relaxing) – to book a treatment at the spa. However, a family member had the pleasure of experiencing it during their stay for my wedding, and I can personally attest to its exceptional reputation. Such excellence isn't surprising, considering Six Senses Resorts view wellness not merely as an activity but as a fundamental lifestyle.
It feels like after such a remarkable stay, all that's left to say is, 'when are we coming back?'

This article is based on a complimentary two-night stay hosted by Six Senses Samui. No money has been paid to post this review which is entirely based on the genuine opinion of its author.


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