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Pamper at home with these natural beauty brands

January 14th 2022

by Aude Camus
With a chilly weekend upon us and another semi-lockdown in force, now is a great time to give yourself some self-love in the comfort and safety of your home. I’ve got you covered with these natural beauty brands I love.

RARE SkinFuel

Pamper at home with these natural beauty brands
Launched 2019 by Hong Kong entrepreneur Michelle Chen, RARE SkinFuel is a skincare brands based on certified organic and native Australian ingredients. Packed with antioxidants, they encourages you to embrace your natural beauty and the award winning Clay Masks are everything if you’re planning to lock yourself in the bathroom and enjoy some well-deserved me time.
Michelle has recently launched the first products of her bodyline and from the aromatherapy-based Age Delaying Bath & Shower Body Oil that relieves stress and fatigue to the rich and comforting moisturising Age Delaying Body Cream, they are must have that you will love having on your bathroom top shelf.


Pamper at home with these natural beauty brands
A natural skincare brand from Kazakhstan, TruNomad products are based on mare milk. This natural ingredients has been used for centuries by the steppes’ populations who praise its protective,  moisturising and calming properties. The Mare’s Milk Soap and Mare’s Milk Body Wash transform the quickest shower break into a relaxing moment and you can make this soothing moment lasts even longer by using the Mare’s Milk Body cream afterwards.
On top of mare’s milk, both the body wash and the  body cream features prebiotics which can help promote a healthier skin barrier, something you need in a buzzing city like Hong Kong. A drop of sweet orange essential oil has been added to both product to leave a light uplifting scent, leaving you with that same peaceful feeling you enjoy after a relaxing treatment at the spa.
Native Essentials

Pamper at home with these natural beauty brands
Founded by certified aromatologist and cosmetic chemist Daniele Pelonara, Native Essentials is all about native plants and potent botanical active ingredients.  Start your beauty ritual with applying the LULUR, ultra-gentle cleansing oil, that will efficiently clean your skin while leaving it soft and nourished, and follow by applying the SOLE, exfoliant gel to milk mask. I love this 100% biodegradable exfoliant that transforms into a  nourishing mask when mixed with water. Leave it on 3 to 5 minutes and voila.



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