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Summer hair, pro tips on maintaining healthy hair in the heat and humidity of Hong Kong

June 23rd 2020

by Aude Camus 
Summer has officially started last weekend. Let’s hope for a sunny summer! But we all know summer in Hong Kong isn’t always an easy season to navigate between the heat and humidity and both our skin and hair usually suffer quite a lot under the combined effects of the sun, the heavy rains, the heat, the pollution, the sea salt … But this summer, I’ve decided I want my hair to look healthy and strong. I unfortunately won’t be traveling back to France like I usually do, because of the covid-19 situation, so I’ll do make sure and pamper myself. And for my hair, I trust no one else than Emmanuel Faipoux, founder of eco-organic luxury hair salon emmanuel f. (my go-to hair salon for more than 2 years now) so I’ve decided to ask him for a few pro-tips on how to maintain healthy hair in the Hong Kong summer and look like a hot Australian surfer babe.

Summer hair, pro tips on maintaining healthy hair in the heat and humidity of Hong Kong
Heat and humidity: how do they affect my hair? 
First thing first: humidity in itself isn’t bad for your hair. Humidity becomes a problem when your hair is already weakened aka when the ph of your hair isn’t neutral anymore resulting in the cuticle not being closed and healthy anymore which makes it easy for the humidity to penetrate deep inside the fiber. This is when your hair becomes all frizzy. If you are looking to grow healthy hair, you shouldn’t cworry that much about humidity but instead make sure and not weakened your hair: try and avoid chemical treatments, properly rinse your hair after going for a dip into the pool or the sea …
Should I adapt my hair routine to the season? 
Yes and no. Something you should do all year long is try and use as little chemical products as possible. But it doesn’t mean you can’t colour your hair anymore or go for sunny highlights for the summer or perm your hair. In our salon, we deliver the exact same professional services as any other salons but the difference is we only use natural and/or organic products which do not damage the ph, and therefore health, of your hair. The result is the exact same you would obtain with chemical products except it doesn’t comprise neither your health, nor our, and also it doesn’t damage your hair and scalp. 
On a daily basis, it isn’t easy to navigate between the different products available on the market. Which shampoo should you use? Which conditioner and treatment? Should you use a conditioner? What’s my hair type? I would strongly advise you to ask for guidance from your hairstylist. Our job is to give you tips. Here, at emmanuel f, we can perform a quick and easy “stretching test” to properly scan your hair and identify what are the real needs of your hair. You might be surprised to find out you had it wrong all this time! 
Any life-changing hair hacks and pro tips you can share with us?
After shampoo, please try and avoid towel drying your hair by squeezing it or massaging it hard. You will only damage it. Instead, try gentle taps. Give your hair some love! And some time! 
I would also strongly recommend the systematic use of a leave-in conditioner and a gloss serum (choose one that is silicon-free please!) to apply on your hair before combing. You can then dry your hair naturally or with a hair dryer, up to you! 

Products you would recommend everyone to get?
The Aquaboost leave-in conditioner and the Argan Oil Gloss from Organic Colour Systems, a green and ammonia free brand. We use those products in the salon, and they are fantastic. 
A professional treatment everyone should get? 
Our treatment “the signature” is the ultimate hair treatment to rebuild your hair fiber, bring it proteins et moisturize while bringing your hair back to a neutral ph. 


About Emmanuel Faipoux
Emmanuel is the co-founder, with his wife Séverine, of luxury eco-organic hair salon emmanuel f


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