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March 15th 2013

Mmmmm, our mouths still water when we think about the delicious food at the recent Hong Kong Madame/ Hong Kong Monsieur event. Pomegranate really knew what to do to get our taste buds going! So if you feel like impressing your dinner guests, don’t hesitate to choose Pomegranate and their lovingly made canapés, appetizers, salads, main meals and more. They also offer an unparalleled efficient and professional service- all the way down to the tiniest details. The dishes are original and packed full of perfectly balanced flavours. The colours and presentation are a treat for your eyes and the fresh tastes are a real delight. Maria, Pomegranate’s founder brilliantly combines her real passion for cooking and a zest of life in each dish. The result is an explosive mix of Mediterranean aromas and spices from southern Asia and the Orient. Whether you’re planning an intimate dinner or a big event, Pomegranate won’t just make your lives easier by preparing the food; they’ll make sure it’s a celebration to remember by giving your guests a truly foody experience. Don’t procrastinate over your next party arrangements; give Maria a call instead!
Maria Bizri
4B Headland Road, Repulse Bay, HK
Tel: +852 93007557


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