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Partner News: Prodige Stock Clearance (figure-friendly snacks!)

June 12th 2013

Partner News: Prodige Stock Clearance (figure-friendly snacks!)
This is the last chance to stay on the right path before the start of the holidays! Now is not the time to give in girls! You need to do everything possible to hold onto the dream body you've worked so hard to get during all those exercise classes, diets and other tortures! We know it's not exactly easy to stay on track when you're surrounded by BBQs, children's birthday party goodies, the boxes you're packing for your move and all those cravings too! So what can you do? Try Eurodiet's high- protein, low-glycemic snacks like chocolate smoothies, creme desserts, coconut or hazelnut and caramel bars or even apple, raisin and cereal bars. They are the perfect tasty accompaniment to your coffee (or tea) break- and what's more, they'll leave you totally satisfied without giving you a bad conscience. And now for today's good news: Prodige, the exclusive Eurodiet product stockist in HK is having a stock clearance sale before the summer with between 10 and 50% off a selection of products until they sell out (before 10th July 2013). There's not a minute to lose, go and stock up quick!


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