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Man Wah: timeless elegance reinvented

March 24th 2021

Man Wah: timeless elegance reinvented
by Aude Camus
A few weeks ago, I was taking you on a tour of The Aubrey, the latest addition to Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong’s stellar line-up of restaurants. Also situated on the 25th floor of the hotel is Michelin-starred Cantonese restaurant Man Wah. With a legacy of serving excellent cuisine in one of the city’s most beautiful dining space since 1968, the restaurant has for sure withstood the test of time. But isn’t it the greatest force of the bests to always thrive and reinvent themselves? After bringing on board executive chef Wong Wing Keung in 2018, whose focus has been on bringing a fresh breath of modernity to time-honoured recipes, the acclaimed restaurant recently underwent a six-month facelift.
What better excuse do you need to (re)discover this crowd pleaser?
Interior Design

Man Wah: timeless elegance reinvented
If you had visited Man Wah before its renovation, you probably remember it as a pink-hued restaurant. Well, done with the pink and hello to navy panelled walls with touches of gold. You might also find the place slightly bigger than before. The dining room has indeed expanding into the space that was previously M Bar.  Yet, the blue tones make it look more intimate than it was before, a bit more mysterious also.
The décor is elegant yet welcoming and perfectly frames the panoramic view which, if it is not new, never fails to impress.
Delicate Chinese details are here to elevate the dining experience without stealing the show. Cue in hand-embroidered silk wallpaper, colourful art works and golden lanterns which are new but will remind the regulars of the previous collection of lanterns.
The comprehensive drink menu offers a wide range of wine and tea options with highlights including a collection of rare and premium tea.
A signature tea to try: the house-made blend of wild chrysanthemum oolong tea

Man Wah: timeless elegance reinvented
Adding to the excitement of the restaurant’s new look, executive chef Wing-Keung Wong has also revamped the menu. Keeping his classics and signature, the chef has also worked on adding time-honoured recipes and/or overlooked delicacies, refining them to please the modern palates. 
Signature dishes to try:

Man Wah: timeless elegance reinvented
The Deep-fried Matsutake Mushroom Pudding (HKD 360 for six pieces), a crunchy treat with earthy flavours and a street snack originated from Beijing.
The Marinated Abalone in Shanghainese-style (HKD 148), an appetiser that had me revised my feelings on abalone
The Stewed White Fish Maw in Superior Soup (HKD 528) with its flavourful, and quite thick, chicken broth, and its perfectly cooked fish maw
The Deep-Fried and Braised Prawn, Rice Cake, Salted Threadfin Fish (HKD 188), with its giant and very meaty prawn whose firm texture perfectly pairs with the delicately chewy texture of the rice cakes
Man Wah
25/F, Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

This write-up is based on a complimentary media tasting hosted by Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong. No money has been paid for publishing this review which is entirely based on the genuine opinion of its author. 


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