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La Vache –Calling all Meateaters!

November 20th 2013

La Vache –Calling all  Meateaters!

For those of you whose hearts cry out when you think about your long lost Parisian steak restaurants, you can now dry your eyes and head for the new restaurant in HK, La Vache instead. It's a beautiful place and it will make you happy because you get exactly what you would expect from a steak restaurant in Paris : rib steaks all round, as many fries as you can manage and béarnaise sauce to accompany it. We will say that the sauce still needs a bit of improvement- which we're sure it will over time. Dessert- wise, there's a buffet with a wide selection a good (and big) cakes for those who still have space to fill! For the decor, we must say we don't normally like being underground we   still appreciate the small details like the red and white vichy tablecloths and the wine bottles spread along the tables and the floor tiles on the ground. We'll also give a top marks to the illustrations on the table mats! Go and try La Vache for your self- and go mad with the fries!


La Vache

48 Peel Street, Central; HK

(852) 2880-0248

A menu with Salad and Entrecôte & chips 258HKD per person





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