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Hotel déco and interiors…at home

January 25th 2013

Hotel déco and interiors…at home
Think about all those times you’ve put your suitcases and bags down in a new hotel room and looked around at all the original furniture and decorations: “Ohhhh I loooooove that lamp” “Wow! What I’d do for a wardrobe like that at home…”, “This arm chair is sooooo comfy…” Well guess what? It’s now possible to buy the very same hotel furniture items and recreate the look at home thanks to the website www.discover-deliver.com. Armchairs, sofas, desks, coffee tables, bedside tables, beds, rugs, wardrobes, chest of drawers, and a whole range of other pieces are available. You can search by designer, article or even by hotel or restaurant to find the furniture items you’ve previously seen and loved! Whether you’re going for a ‘zen’ feel, an art déco style, some Nordic design or a rococo- look, Discover & Deliver have every possibility. Simply make your order on line and 2-3 months later, it’ll be delivered to your door- wherever you live! So now it really is possible to jazz up the interior design of your home without even leaving the room!

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