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HER Yoga Practice: a yoga practice to reconnect with your cycle and your body

March 10th 2020

by Aude Camus
Any yogis out there? I’m pretty sure there are quite a few. Why do you practice yoga? Is it to improve your flexibility? Or maybe to find peace of the mind? Could also be to release tensions in your muscles and joints, boost your immune system functionality, build body awareness … there are so many benefits to practicing yoga and I, myself, have been practicing Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga for a few years (also did a few Strala Yoga sessions when I was still living in France and really enjoyed that modern dynamic form of yoga). But one benefits I only, very, recently found out about is that yoga can help us, women, reconnect with our body cycle and find hormonal balance.

HER Yoga Practice: a yoga practice to reconnect with your cycle and your body
Hormones … sight. Why does it feel like dealing with your hormones is a constant fight? The practice, led by Claire (who is certified in Hatha Yoga, Fertility Yoga and Hormone Yoga Therapy for Women) starts with a bit of, much needed, explanations on your body cycles followed by a bit of sharing time for each participant to introduce herself and share any hormonal imbalances she might encounter. No worries, there’s nothing to feel stressed or shy about, the small group is only composed of like-minded women all eager to share a mindful practice no matter their hormonal concerns: infertility, irregular or absent periods, endometriosis, pre-menstrual pain, acne … 

HER Yoga Practice: a yoga practice to reconnect with your cycle and your body
Through the practice, you are invited to concentrate on your deep lower abdomen breathing and explore hips opening but will not go through the same poses depending on whether you are in the first half of your cycle – your flow will then be more oriented toward stimulating the ovaries - or the second half of it – your flow will then be mostly focus on relaxing postures.  The entire practice is very gentle aiming at reducing internal stress and calming the adrenal glands which are exhausted from constantly pumping adrenaline into the body to cope with our busy and stressful lifestyles.
Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day and it would take more than this intro class for me to restore my hormonal balance but I found the approach to be very interesting, very different from any other yoga class I’ve ever taken and it left me in a state of total peace, willing to continue practicing deep lower abdomen breathing which I found very soothing and also eager to document myself about hormonal imbalances and how it affects our daily lives.
HER Yoga Practice
Classes led by Claire Vandenhoeck
Classes are currently hold in Central and schedule is posted on the website and on the Facebook page
For more info: hello@heryogapractice.com

This write-up is based on a complementary trial class offered to its author. No money has been paid for publishing this piece.


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