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The Spa at Four Seasons unveils Ignae: a journey to natural beauty and groundbreaking biotechnology

March 18th 2024

The Spa at Four Seasons unveils Ignae: a journey to natural beauty and groundbreaking biotechnology
by Aude Camus
The dreary, humid weather of Hong Kong had been taking its toll on me lately. I’ve been feeling tired and gloomy and in dire need of a break. Feeling weary and in need of rejuvenation, the invitation from The Spa at Four Seasons to explore their latest collaboration with Azorean skincare brand Ignae couldn't have come at a better time.
How much do you know about the Azores? Prior to this encounter, I had only heard whispers of this hidden gem nestled in Portugal, but over a delightful lunch with Miguel Pombo, a native Azorean and the founder of Ignae, I was transported to a world of breathtaking landscapes and untamed beauty. It was here that I learned of Ignae's unique fusion of cutting-edge science and sustainable practices.
At the core of Ignae's ethos lies a deep commitment to holistic wellness and environmental stewardship. Their products, vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free, stand as a testament to this dedication. But what truly sets Ignae apart is its pioneering biotechnology, cultivated amidst the rich volcanic soil and mineral-rich thermal waters of the Azores. Harnessing the regenerative power of native plants like camellia, cedar, and spirulina, Ignae's skincare line is a testament to the abundance of nature.
Their revolutionary EPC Factor, a breakthrough in skincare technology, ensures optimal absorption of these potent ingredients, delivering unparalleled results. Backed by Google's AI technology, Ignae pushes the boundaries of research and development, setting new standards in skincare innovation.
Now, these exceptional products find their home at the Spa at Four Seasons Hong Kong, offering a range of luxurious treatments designed to indulge and revitalize. From the Digital Detox Retreat to the Powerful Recharging Facial and the Fountain of Youth Holistic Facial, each experience is a harmonious blend of modern technology and ancient wellness practices.
I had the privilege of experiencing the 120-minute Ignae Digital Detox Retreat (HKD 3,600–3,800) firsthand, treated to a blissful full-body massage and facial incorporating the brand's Blue Light Serum, renowned for its anti-blue light and anti-inflammatory properties. It was a blissful break, leaving me with radiant skin and a profound sense of peace.
The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong
6/F, Four Seasons Hotel, 8 Finance Street, Central

This article is on a complimentary Ignae Digital Detox Retreat hosted by The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong. No money has been paid to post this write-up which is entirely based on the genuine experience, and opinion, of its author.



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