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February beauty hits

February 11th 2019

by Aude

February beauty hits
When it comes to perfume, are you the loyal kind? I’m absolutely not! I currently have more than 10 different perfumes on my bathroom shelves as I like to think of perfume as an accessory. I’m wearing a different one every day depending on my mood, my outfit, the weather, the season, my schedule of the day (so not wearing the same fragrance on a beach day and on a day full of business meetings!) …
But if I’m not wearing the same perfume every day, I definitely know the kind of fragrances I love and do not love, and I would always go for something fresh. Fruity, fresh and floral fragrances are my thing. I love scents such as orange blossom, rose, fig … and not a fan of stronger fragrances such as santal or vanilla. 
And there are a few brands where I know I’ll always find a fragrance which suits me, one of them being the very French one Roger & Gallet with its fresh extraits de Cologne. Their latest release, ROSE MIGNONNERIE is everything I love: a modern and fresh rose about to bloom with a flash of mandarin and crispy basil leaves. Some say rose is a grandma fragrance, I’m saying this rose is very modern. Can’t wait to wear it on a hot humid day to freshen up my look and my mood! 
HKD 330/30 ml – HKD 630/100 ml – HKD 1,560/500ml
Available at Roger&Gallet store: Facesss L2 OT20, Ocean Terminal TST

February beauty hits
Are you more of a coffee or a tea lover? I can’t decide! I can’t start the day without a caffeine fix but then drink something like a liter of tea every day to keep me going. Maybe not the healthiest addiction but hey, nobody’s perfect right? 
Actually am such a coffee and tea addict that those 2 ingredients are also part of my beauty routine: coffee as the main ingredients of that body scrub am totally addicted too and tea through the beautiful brand Lu Ming Tang which I recently discovered. A brand which uses tea leaves delicately handpicked in Chinese tea gardens as the main ingredients of its formulations. 
My fav Lu Ming Tang’s product so far? The Miraculous Detox Paste enriched with a blend of Yunnan Black tea and anti-oxidant Longjing Green Tea to boost skin radiance by eliminating micro-residues, pollutants and impurities. 
There are a few things I love about this product and one of those is that you only have to leave it on for 3 to 5 min. I love masking but don’t always have time to leave a mask on my face for 30 min. The rather strong black tea fragrance is quite different from my usual skin products, but I have come to like it as it is rather distinctive. And last but not least, it gives a nice healthy glow to my skin. 

HKD 285
Available online


February beauty hits
It’s not the first time I’m mentioning Indulgence to you guys as I truly love this one-stop beauty salon located in the heart of Central. Their Source Marine Ritual is probably the best facial I’ve tried in 2018 (I was telling you more about it here) and I keep on telling myself I also need to go back for their Foot Reflexology Massage which I remembered as being utterly relaxing which is quite a thing knowing that I absolutely HATE foot massages. 
But to ease my way into spring and unravel deep body tension (I’m kinda of an over-stressed person and I can definitely feel it in my body … am like tense 7d/24h) I’ve decided this time to go for a Deep Tissue Massage and, again, I highly recommend you book yourself an appointment at Indulgence asap. Ivy is the best … I think it only took her a minute to feel how tense my back was and she spent a good half of this 90-min massage to work on it, unravelling one knot after the other and having me slowly easing myself into a little restorative sleep. I’m so tense that back massages are usually pain from A to Z but she managed to make it painful in a kinda “it’s painful but it’s good” way. 
Deep Tissue Massage
HKD 850/60 min – HKD 1,200 / 90 min
Indulgence, 22/F, Silver Fortune Plaza, 1 Wellington Street – Central 


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