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Indulgence – a one stop urban beauty retreat in the heart of Central

October 4th 2018

Indulgence – a one stop urban beauty retreat in the heart of Central
by Aude
You may have notice, reading the articles on the website, I do love treating myself to a beauty break quite frequently. A stop at the hairdresser for a quick freshen-up or a brand-new colour (still loving my new polar blonde very much if you are wondering), a mani-pedi, a well-deserved 2h break at the spa to enjoy a full body massage or a very relaxing facial, a foot massage … I just feel like any excuse is a good one to treat myself well. After trying several places, I now have my favs one but until now, I haven’t found a place where I could have it all. 
And then, few days ago I was invited to try Indulgence : a one stop urban beauty retreat in the heart of Central. I absolutely loved it.


Indulgence – a one stop urban beauty retreat in the heart of Central
Starting with the hair experience. You know it if you’ve read this article, I had quite of a change right before my summer holidays going from natural, quite dark, blond to polar blond. But after a week spent in Greece, sun, sand and salt in my hair, my perfect polar blond wasn’t that polar anymore. It hast turned into a beautiful gold and very sunny one. Beautiful yes but I wasn’t yet ready to abandoned this polar blonde I’ve been dreaming of for so long so decided I needed a touch up. To be honest, and since I don’t have a great experience track records with hairdressers (again, I’m telling you all about it in this article), I wasn’t sure about letting anyone else than the person who gave me this perfect blond, few weeks ago, touch my hair. I was going to Indulgence thinking “ok, I’m just going for a hair treatment but no touching of the colour”.  But seating in my chair, starting to chit-chat with my Ilya, the Creative Stylist, I started to feel at ease and when he told that my white blonde has turned slightly yellow and that he could help me going back to a more edgy, polar blond I was like “ok, let’s do this”. Well, I haven’t regret it at all. I was given exactly what I wanted! 
Also loved it that they sell Davines haircare products. I absolutely love this brand (and believe me, I know a great deal about haircare brand, been working in that industry before) and they recommended the perfect set to take care of my precious blond. 
Hairsalon: 100% approved.  Ok, great first impression. And now, shall we check the beauty treatments side? 


Indulgence – a one stop urban beauty retreat in the heart of Central
Kicking-off quite promisingly when introduced to my treatment by my super nice therapist and discovering that she is going to use Thalgo, a French skincare brand that I absolutely love. 
This Source Marine Ritual (HKD 800 / 60 min) treatment is heaven. A 1.5 hours of bliss (w/ a little nap in my case but to my defence I was just off a night flight) combining sensory and relaxing massages in 4 key steps:

Discovery of the sea: a welcoming massage for a first sensory contact aiming at helping you to fully relax
Regenerating Digit Pressure: a gentle technique w/ an anti-fatigue effect that activates cell renewal
Heart of the Ocean Massage: the most relaxing massage ever, drawing inspiration from the movements of the sea to release tension and relax facial features
Marine Infusion Mask: loving the super fresh texture and smell of this mask which helps the skin absorb the ingredients essential to its stability. 
I have absolutely loved every minute of this treatment which left my skin looking fresh and glowy (much needed after spending the night in that flight). 


Indulgence – a one stop urban beauty retreat in the heart of Central
Getting out of the cabin and feeling so calm and relax, I decided to have the bliss lasts a little longer and sat down inside another cabin for Aroma Spa Foot Treatment (HKD 250). Divine! I wish that hour could have lasted longer! 
Ok, well I don’t think there’s much more to say. A hairdresser who understands what I am looking for, beauty treatments which leave your skin fresh and new, a foot massage made in heaven and other services such as mani-pedi which I haven’t tried yet but am pretty sure will be dope based on the three services I already experienced: Indulgence definitely has it all! (Plus a great service) 

1 Wellington Street – Central 


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