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December beauty hits

December 9th 2019

by Aude Camus


December beauty hits
Freshly launched in Hong Kong, Paris-based perfume brand Bon Parfumeur offers a fuss-free concept with gender-free fragrances designed to be mixed and matched. I absolutely love their minimalist and clear packaging, their fresh distinctive scents and their affordable prices. 
The limited-edition Christmas Set, available in two different versions, makes quite a chic Christmas gift if you ask me. A gift that I actually decided to keep for myself … because Christmas isn’t only about treating other people but also about treating yourself, right?
Are you more of a fresh and floral girl or a fresh, citrusy and bubbly person? I am the latest and went for the 801 (sea spray / cedar / grapefruit) x 003 (yuzu / violet leaves / vetiver) set  but hesitated quite a bit with the 101 (rose / sweet pea / patchouli) x 003 (yuzu / violet leaves / vetiver) one
HKD 739 (instead of HKD 820 as 1 perfume 30 ml is normally HKD 410)
Available at Sephora Hong Kong, in stores (ifc mall and Causeway Bay) and online 

December beauty hits
Remember last month, I was telling you about my crush on Canadian beauty brand The Ordinary : silicone-free, alcohol-free, vegan, cruelty-free and with prices pretty much all under HKD 150. Their Peeling Solution is still a huge hit in my bathroom and now that I have started to use this Squalane Cleanser, I can say that The Ordinary isn’t just an ordinary beauty brand. This gentle cleanser and makeup remover has quite a unique texture, you rub it between your palms for a few seconds and the balm-like consistency turns into clear-oil which you can then emulsify on your skin to clean it. It’s also soap-free meaning that it is gentle enough for daily use and does not dry the skin. I just can’t imagine using another cleanser after a long day of work now. Simplicity at its best! 
HKD 50
Exclusively available at Harvey Nichols, both ins stores and online


December beauty hits
If you are a beauty addict, you can’t really have missed the buzz around US brand Drunk Elephant now available at Sephora Hong Kong. If you aren’t too much into beauty buzzes but still keen on discovering a very good beauty brand, this one is worth the try. The name is quite funny for a beauty brand but once you know the story behind it, it does make sense. The main ingredients used throughout the products of the brand is Virgin Marula Oil and the name Drunk Elephant is rooted in a myth that says the elephant love to eat the fruit that has fallen from Marula trees and that, once eaten, this fruits ferment inside the large tummy of the animals getting them drunk. But are the products as good as the storytelling? Yes, they quite are. 
Take this hydrating gel enriched in vitamin B5 and pineapple ceramide. It does hydrate the skin quite intensively, but its gel texture is fresh and does not leave a greasy feeling. I find it quite perfect for humid countries like ours. It’s also free from oils, alcohol, silicones and chemical screens allowing your skin to breathe and visibly brightening its complexion while being cruelty-free. Quite a winner I would say! 
HKD 410 / 50 ml
Exclusively available at Sephora Hong Kong, both in stores and online


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