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November beauty hits

November 4th 2019

by Aude Camus


November beauty hits
That’s no secret to anyone: everyone’s skin is different. So why do we keep on using cosmetics featuring standard formulas? I do try and find the right products for my skin type because it definitely does make a difference. Try and implemented personalized products to your beauty routine, you’ll thank me later. Speaking of personalized beauty products, the latest one I tried and loved is this DIY Herbal Mask from Snow Fox
The mask is made of 3 components:
- a creamy mask based developed with nourishing plant oils such as Sunflower, Macadamia and Olive. A winning formula to repair the skin and keep it hydrated
-  100% natural herbal powder nutrients. It’s up to you to choose your herbs based on your skin type and its needs whether you want to control the sebum, fix your pore, enhance elasticity of your skin, deeply hydrate or brighten. 
- active natural boosters. Again, you are the one to choose your boosters base on your needs
Hong Kong Madame’s winning formula: having a combination skin (oily in some areas and dry in other), I was recommended to go for antioxidants and vitamins packed Red Dragon Fruit as a powder and for two boosters. First Edelweiss extract, known for its intensive antioxidant protection, then Ceramide Complex to restore protective barrier and hydration. 
This mask is to be kept in your fridge, loving the cooling effect when you apply it on the face, and to be used for seven days in a row, on a daily basis. Being enriched in concentrated natural ingredients, it’s highly active. After a week, my skin did look more plumped. 
HKD 480
Only available until Nov 17 at Mi Ming Mart TST store: G/F, 39-41 Granville Road – TST 

November beauty hits
I know, shower gel is usually not something I would get too excited about either. I mean, isn’t a shower gel just a gel? Only the scent of it makes one different from another. Or that’s what I thought. Until I tried the unique texture of this foaming gel from Rituals. You simply squeeze a small amount of gel into your hand and, while massaging it into your skin, the gel transforms into a reach, creamy and moisturizing foam. I’ve always loved spending hours under the hot running water in my shower (and yes I know, that’s not really eco-friendly) but this little thing makes it an even more enjoyable moment. It’s just so soothing and comforting. 
HKD 85 / 200ml
Rituals  stores in Hong Kong:
Times Square (Causeway Bay) – Shop B221B, Basement 2 
Ifc (Central) – Shop 1066


November beauty hits
In October, I was lucky enough to attend a beauty masterclass with Angela Caglia, celebrity facialist and eco-luxe skincare founder. Some of her famous clients include Barbara Streisand, Sting or Helena Christensen. You can imagine I was literally hanging on every of her words trying to unveil the secrets of a perfect radiant skin. So, when she mentioned her latest release, a magic little beauty tool powered by sonic vibrations, I knew I had to give it a go. I now use this sculpting roller every morning to sculpt my jawline and cheeks, relief facial muscles tension, reduce eye puffiness and limit the appearance of lines on my neck. I do love the fresh sensation provided by the rose quartz, the sonic vibrations which really make me feel like something is happening on my facial muscles and find it perfect to promote better absorption of my serum within my skin. I have been using it for nearly a month, 5-min a day, and can already see a difference, 
HKD 1,530
Exclusively available at Lane Crawford, both in stores and online

November beauty hits
This peeling solution is like no other face peeling I’ve ever used before. Containing a high concentration of free acids, it cannot be used on sensitive skins but its formula offering deep exfoliation, pore congestion cleaning and improved skin radiance is a winner on my combination skin. Unlike traditional peelings, this one isn’t supposed to be massaged on your skin, you just apply it on dry skin using fingertips and wait for 10 minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water. The exfoliating acids are working for you. 
Also loving that it is silicone-free, alcohol-free, vegan and cruelty-free. Oh, did I mention the price is under HKD 100?
HKD 60
Exclusively available at Harvey Nichols, both ins stores and online


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