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5 little things we love – October

October 1st 2019

by Aude Camus 
Tisarôm reinvents herbal tea 

5 little things we love – October
Working from home or from coffee shops around town, I have to admit to be often high on caffeine or theine. I am trying quite hard to quit this bad habit and have therefore been looking for tasty substitutes and think I found a pretty good one: Tisarôm, a collection of herbal teas based on plants, flowers and fruits directly sourced from organic French fields. I know what you are gonna say … herbal tea isn’t really sexy and is something you usually drink before going to bed. Well, not anymore. Eloise, the founder of the brand, has developed a collection of four different recipes which you can enjoy through the day based on your taste, needs and activities. Not to mention the quite beautiful packaging. It’s French, homemade, sexy and yummy. What else do you need? 
Hong Kong Madame’s fav: Digesteave, a quite unique blend of olive tree leaves (giving it a very distinctive taste) balanced by citrus, pepper and lemon grass. Not only does this one tastes good, it is also a winning ally to help balance the inner system. 

HKD 125 for 14 biodegrable individual herbal tea bags
Order online

My Wanderlust Box is having us traveling the world 

5 little things we love – October
Who doesn’t love collecting memories of his/her adventures around the world? Traveling is just one of the things I love the most on earth and there’s nothing quite like remembering a sweet adventure I had or thinking about my next destination to put me in a good mood. And of course, I also love meeting like-minded people just like Camille, travel addict and founder of Voyagez Futé, whose daily mission is to help you organize your custom-made holidays while saving money. Camille has been traveling the world for more than 12 years and is now living in Hong Kong and it is therefore no surprise that she does have a lot of travel memories to cherish and remember. Together with her friend, Anne Mar, they just launched My Wanderlust Box: a world map which you can endlessly customized in order to always have your past and upcoming travel in sight. Stick it on your wall, pin it, add notes to it … the world is your playground.
Order online
EUR 39,90 for the map (90 x 60 cm) / from EUR 2,90 for accessories 
The Little Prince inspires Bombshell to create three sweets “Flying to my dream” smash cakes

5 little things we love – October
Did you know that The Little Prince was the second most translated book ever on earth after the Bible? Making it one of the most popular novels of all time and inspiring joy to people all over the world. Hong Kong celebrated patisserie brand Bombshell is paying tribute to the iconic book by creating three beautiful masterpieces inspired by the novel’s three main themes: Love, Hope and Friendship. Each of the piece hides a sweet little secret and you will have to use the Magic Roller to crash the chocolate shell and enjoy a smash celebration of candies, cakes and chocolate. 
Order online
Available until the end of December
From HKD 2,088 for a 7’’ cake to HKD 2,888 for 11’’
Tiffany Hong Kong opens Asia’s first Tiffany Blue Box Café

5 little things we love – October
Who’s in for a Breakfast at Tiffany’s? We are! Starting from mid-October, Tiffany’s brand-new flagship on Peking Road will welcome guests in the Asia’s first Tiffany Blue Box Café serving all-day brunch and afternoon-tea. Who doesn’t like a diamond with his croissant? 
Opening on October 13
One Peking Road – TST 
LUÜNA naturals launches subscription chemical-free period care service 

5 little things we love – October
It’s no secret anymore that traditional menstrual health products are loaded with chemicals. Viscose, polyester, toxic pesticides, bleach, chlorine … do we really want to put those inside our vaginas? Local brand LUÜNA offers nasty-free menstrual health products to help you keep your body safe. 
In an effort to reduce its carbon footprint but also offers personalized solutions to all the women out there, because not to periods are the same, LUÜNA just launched its period subscription service with packages being delivered to your door every 3 months. All you have to do is choose your package from flexible combinations of Organic Regular or Super absorbency Tampons as well as Organic Cotton Pads and Organic Cotton Liners.
Subscriptions online for 3, 6 or 12 months
HKD 360 for 3 months (HKD 120/month)


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