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5 little things we love – May

May 3rd 2018

5 little things we love – May
by Aude
The new More Sleep Please collection from kikki.k
I love cute stationery and homewares plus I could easily spend days in bed so seems like this collection was made for me! 
Not that I need any help to wind down and get better quality shut-eye but some might need and it doesn’t mean I cannot enjoy a calming evening ritual and a little me time before going to bed. From slipping on the cutest slippers to sipping calming herbal tea from a porcelain cup while taking the time to write down my feelings and thoughts in a sleep journal before putting on my Do Not Disturb Eye Mask I love absolutely every minute of my new evening routine. 
Slippers: HKD 185
Porcelain tea cup: HKD 125
Sleep Journal: HKD 185
Eye mask: HKD 110

5 little things we love – May

TUMI  Voyageur Leather in light blue 
If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you know I’ve been traveling quite a lot lately and I´ve got a few more trips in the pipe. Love it! With all my travel plans I needed to find practical yet fashionable (yes because I don’t see why practical should be ugly) travel accessories. And as usual, found what I was looking for thanks to TUMI: a leather backpack in beautiful pastel colour and with a multitude of organizational and versatile features. 
TUMI leather Halle backpack in light blue – HKD 3,790


5 little things we love – May

Velveteen High Summer Capsule Collection 
Remember a few weeks ago I was telling you about the opening of luxury childrenswear brand Velveteen first ever concept-store in Hong Kong. A visit to the store 2 weeks ago had me falling in love with the brand High Summer capsule collection and its cobalt blue and white colour tones inspired by the Mediterranean coast. Too bad I don’t have children yet … would love to have a good excuse to buy one of those adorable breezy dresses and jumpsuits! 
Available online  or in shop (Lee Garden Two)


5 little things we love – May

A.C.F  Spring 2018 Capsule Collection 
I must confess that I am not a frequent buyer of sustainable and ethical fashion. I’ve definitely been trying to buy less fast fashion in the past few years and go for designer brands instead but I find it difficult to make the shift to ethical fashion as I have not yet find a brand that fits my fashion desires. 
Was pleasantly surprised by A.C.F Spring 2018 capsule collection featuring minimal designs and a dreamy spring colours palette. 
Available online


5 little things we love – May
Flamingo Bloom Superfood Edition smoothie bowls 
Summer has me craving for fresh fruits and healthy food. God thanks Flamingo Bloom for launching what I believe is gonna be my summer hit food: smoothie bowls using fresh fruits, superfood including goji berries or black chia seeds and a splash of almond milk. How yummy?
Which one are you gonna go for?

The Matcha Melon: sorbet-like bananas, red-grapes, raw oats, matcha powder and almond milk base topped with crunchy toasted granola and fresh fruits including melon, banana, strawberry and mango 
The Virgin Pineapple Pina Colada: sorbet-like bananas, red-grapes, raw oats, mulberries and almond milk base topped with toasted granola, fresh pineapple, banana, strawberries and goji berries 
HKD 59 for a small cup (serves 1)
HKD 89 in a melon or a pineapple (serves 2) 


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