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Cheers to the New: 5 new bars in Hong Kong if you're skipping Dry January

January 8th 2024

by Aude Camus
Hey there, cocktail enthusiasts! If you've decided to give Dry January a miss (I’m 7 days strong and going, let’s see how long before I need a glass) and are ready to dive into the vibrant world of mixology, I've got a list that'll make your taste buds tingle. Here are 5 new bars in town that are perfect for shaking off the dry spell and sipping on some liquid delights.
La Suite: elevating cocktails with French finesse

Cheers to the New: 5 new bars in Hong Kong if you're skipping Dry January
Nestled within Chef Olivier Elzer's acclaimed restaurant, Clarence, La Suite is more than a speakeasy; it's a journey into the intricate world of French mixology. Imagine sipping meticulously crafted cocktails against the stunning backdrop of Hong Kong's skyline. With Max Traverse, a French mixologist, at the helm, La Suite dives deep into French culture. Don't miss ‘The Missing Key’, a saffron-sparkled gin fizz, or the exotic ‘Saffron Negron, paying tribute to the revered saffron spice which has long been cherished in French cuisine. The bar’s signature cocktail ‘La Suite’ is a Versailles-inspired creation blending Ketel One Vodka, apple juice, a mix of raspberry and blackberry puree, crème de cassis, lemon juice, topped with decadent vanilla whipped cream. Pair your drinks with cheeky bites from chef Olivier (you must order the croque-monsieur) to fully enjoy the experience.
25/F, H Code, 45 Pottinger Street, Central, Hong Kong.
Qura: a hidden venue for sophisticated sips

Cheers to the New: 5 new bars in Hong Kong if you're skipping Dry January
One of the news venues at the recently opened Regent Hong Kong, Qura is your go-to spot for a sophisticated tipple. This bar oozes elegance and charm, offering a refined atmosphere for a relaxed evening. The menu boasts a selection of carefully curated cocktails, each a masterpiece in a glass. From classic concoctions to innovative blends, Qura caters to every palate. The attention to detail extends to the nibbles, with delightful pairings that elevate your drinking experience. With panoramic views being of the many draws at Regent Hong Kong, you wouldn’t be surprised to find out your drink is exquisitely complimented with breath-taking Victoria Habour vistas.
Lobby Floor, Regent Hong Kong, 18 Salisbury Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui
The Mansion: where cocktails are served with an Instagram-worthy retro-cabaret aesthetic

Cheers to the New: 5 new bars in Hong Kong if you're skipping Dry January
Wyndham Street's new escape, The Mansion, offers a cozy escape with seating for 40, serving contemporary cocktails and Pintxos-inspired delights. This stylish hideaway merges retro cabaret aesthetics with an ever-changing art gallery, featuring an infinity ceiling adorned with LED lights for immersive electronic artwork experiences. The venue hosts resident and guest DJs, choreographed performances, and immersive entertainment. Currently showcasing themed works by Aya Mingazova and Kailing Lo, the artistic ambiance changes with the seasons. The Mansion's Instagram-worthy setting includes a rebelliously regal touch—the attention-grabbing gold toilet bowls.
Bldg, 75, Carfield Commercial Building, Shop B, G/F, 76 Wyndham St, Central
Dead Poets: a verse of vibrant libations in Soho
Founded by Nikita Matveev, the mastermind behind The Old Man, this bar introduces a modern perspective on mixology and drinking culture in Hong Kong. At Dead Poets, cocktails are not just beverages; they're experiences paying homage to the 27 Club, a poignant nod to musicians and artists whose legacies were etched in eternity at the age of 27—Winehouse, Morrison, Hendrix, and more.
During the day, Dead Poets transforms into a multifaceted space, doubling as a barbershop in partnership with Sauce and a café offering premium coffee and beer. It's more than a bar; it's an artistic rendezvous inviting you to savor poetic sips in a uniquely vibrant atmosphere.
41-49 Aberdeen St, Central
Kinsman: Cantonese elegance unleashed

Cheers to the New: 5 new bars in Hong Kong if you're skipping Dry January
A tribute to Hong Kong's rich heritage, Kinsman – a partnership between Singular Concepts and dining editor Gavin Yeung, celebrates local spirits like Yuk Bing Siu and baijiu, woven into meticulously crafted cocktails. From the creamy allure of Kowloon Dairy to the refreshing notes of Satsuma Snow and the earthy Papaya Van Winkle, Kinsman's drink menu is a journey through Cantonese elegance. Complementing the libations are delectable Cantonese-inspired bites, creating an immersive experience that unveils the soul of local flavours.
65 Peel St, Central


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