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Parisian chic hideout in Hong Kong

November 29th 2023

Discover Merci852, our favourite shop in town with a touch of “je ne sais quoi”

by Aude Camus
Cliché or not, there's something undeniable about Parisian style. Perhaps it's the effortless chic, the trendy cuts, or the urban prints, but as a French observer in Hong Kong, I can spot a fellow compatriot just by the way she dresses. If you're in search of that unmistakable Parisian flair, look no further than Merci 852 on Wellington Street – a well-kept secret adored by French expats and stylish locals alike.
Hong Kong Madame scoop: A perfect combo of sequins, velvet, elegant black and vibrant bright shades, the Christmas collection is everything you need to pop and shine this festive season. 
Picture this: you step into a chic space that transports you straight to Paris. For me, it evokes memories of the shops I used to frequent on Rue de Charonne in Paris' trendy 11th arrondissement, where I once called home. Camille and Elisabeth, the founders of Merci 852, have masterfully captured the essence of Parisian style in this little haven. The boutique exudes a unique charm, making you feel like you've stepped into a fashionable friend's closet in Le Marais.
What has me head over heels for this place is their carefully curated selection, featuring handpicked treasures from small French brands and designers. Essentials seamlessly blend with fashion-forward pieces, providing a range that caters to every style. Creating your own coveted Parisian closet is a breeze – versatile, chic, and always on point. Whether it's dresses that effortlessly combine elegance with urban prints, or tops, skirts, pants, tees, sweaters, and footwear that scream "je ne sais quoi," Elisabeth and Camille have personally selected each piece.
Their latest collection is just in, and I'm already obsessed. The variety of pieces is tempting, offering both winter essentials and sparkly ensembles to celebrate the festive season in style. Here are some of my personal top picks.

Louizon Paris emanates boho, vintage-inspired vibes with impeccable cuts, resulting in an effortlessly chic look. One of my winter must-haves is undoubtedly one of their cozy sweaters, promising both warmth and style. Picture pairing it with a perfectly fitted brut denim and boots from Rivecour – another gem you'll discover at Merci 852. Renowned for delivering sophistication with comfort, Rivecour's boots seamlessly transition from day to night, effortlessly blending fashion and functionality.

For a more party flair, perfect for year-end celebrations, I have my eyes on La Petite Étoile’s festive collection. It strikes the ideal balance between chic black ensembles and sparkling pieces. Whether you opt for a complete look or mix and match – a chic black top with a sequin skirt – you'll be the star of the party. To add the final touch to your party ensemble, explore the selection of pumps from M. Moustache.

Don't overlook Antoinette AMESKA, a brand that has been Elisabeth and Camille’s favourite for over eight years. This French brand showcases Italian leather bags that are both timeless and trendy, boasting an Art Deco-inspired aesthetic. Personally, I'm all about their bum bags – chic and incredibly convenient for a multitasking mom like myself. Additionally, their pouches make for an ideal accessory, and I know a few friends who would love them.

Consider this my insider tip to you – the ultimate Parisian boutique has found its home in Hong Kong, and trust me, you don't want to miss out on this stylish secret!

Merci 852
 63 Wellington St, Central


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