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Women of Hong Kong – Alexandra and Karine, Founders of SILA

September 17th 2018

Women of Hong Kong – Alexandra and Karine, Founders of SILA
by Aude
SILA ? The first jewel mini watch with colourful interchangeable straps. The brand officially launched in Paris few months ago with a very successful pop-up corner at iconic Le Printemps Haussmann department store (actually so successful that the store asked them if they could stay for an additional month … pretty cool right?) and just launched in Hong Kong this September, in partnership with Kapok.
The colourful, very pop yet chic image of the brand has make me wanna know more about the masterminds behind it. And here I was, meeting the founders: Alexandra and Karine. Well first impression went pretty well as I was wearing a full yellow look (I know, not an easy one to put on) which happens to be Alexandra fav color! Things then evolving into a nice girly conversation with us realising how much we have in common including a previous work experience at L’Oréal, the place where they both met each other, and arriving in Hong Kong in 2015.
What makes you wanna leave a job that you love – as they both had pretty exciting ones that they very much loved- and start the crazy adventure of being an Entrepreneur? Many things actually. The desire to create something, which has been in Karine’s mind for a little time since she was previously working on another idea of brand. The will to work for yourself. But also a question of timing and a little chance factor.
And why launching a watch?
Wandering through the vintage markets of Tokyo in 2016, Alexandra and Karine were besotted by feminine mini watches designed in the early part of the 20th Century; exquisite gem-like timepieces on the most delicate of straps that the girls couldn’t get out of their minds.
They found them beautifully feminine, extremely refined and easy to wear as you hardly felt them on your writs. This sparked the concept for the SILA watch, the challenge was to create a vintage inspired watch, keeping the elegance of the watches that they had seen, yet adding a modern, colourful twist.”
Have you ever checked the current trendy brands in the watches industry? Not speaking of luxury brands of course. But more SILA’s competitors. Take a closer look. None of them is very feminine actually. SILA is the complete opposite.  
What’s next for them? Pfiou … not an easy question to answer. But quite a lot of exciting things being discussed both in Paris (where Karine is now based) and in Hong Kong (Alexandra’s home). You know how it is sometimes, you go to meet someone for work and end up talking more about your personal life than work. But I guess this is the thing of entrepreneurs, our personal life and our work are so deeply related and we love what we do so much (because believe me, it does take passion) than you just mix it all. Busy bees! And another reason for saying Sorry I’m Late Again!


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