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Tunique, our new online fashion crush!

February 6th 2012

Tunique, our new online fashion crush!
Mmmhhuummmm, this word resounds so well in us. The brand Tunique, available online, will make you melt! Be warned, we are going to have to roll up our sleeves and get ready for some serious clicking and buying! Amandine, who is the head of the brand, knows how to make us swoon. Ultra trendy cuts, chic and comfortable materials. Essential and necessary accessories (of course!). The creator, a strong-willing woman, an adventure lover with a rich and fascinating story, puts her whole heart into it and we can feel it! In the accessories department, we love the Bird pink Moonstone necklace, the White Moonstone or Bird Grey earrings, the Strass Red bracelet and the Double Brown belt. We had a crush on the pouch (particularly in Nude color). In the pret-a-porter department, we can see ourselves in the SO70S dress…You get it, this is our new fashion fav’. Can’t wait to see more! Like us, don’t hesitate and adopt the total “Tunique” look!
Amandine: “I LOVE objects, products, everything that can be bought, coveted, touched, smelt. Yes, I’m a shopaholic, but I try to take advantage of this disability to create my own products! So Tunique is for me an escape hatch, an outlet to express everything I like.” 
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