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Three places where to party this summer 2024 in Hong Kong

Hong Kong nightlife relives its heydays

June 21st 2024

By Hong Kong Madame editorial team

The city’s nightlife scene is heating up and we’ve rounded up the hotspots that are redefining the party experience. Here’s where you need to be if you’re spending the summer in Hong Kong.

The Aubrey After Dark at Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

Three places where to party this summer 2024 in Hong Kong
Get ready to step into a world where history meets modernity at The Aubrey After Dark, Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong’s latest nightlife venture. Launched on May 24th, this series is a collaboration of epic proportions, featuring local legend DJ El Toro, café-society maven Marina Bullivant, and London’s party scene innovator Cosmo Webber. Hosted on the 25th floor in the storied space of the former Harbour Room, The Aubrey After Dark is all about reviving the glamour of Hong Kong’s golden nightlife era.
The vibe? Think soulful house, disco, and cutting-edge underground sounds blending seamlessly. Every Friday night, the dance floor comes alive with a mix of international and local DJ talents, ensuring every beat resonates with the spirit of both classic and contemporary music scenes. The launch night set the tone with Hank Korsan, an up-and-coming DJ from New York, alongside Webber, DJ El Toro, and Hong Kong’s own Gia Fu.
This isn’t just a night out; it’s a cultural celebration, a fusion of past and present in one of the city’s most iconic venues.
Ticket entry is priced at HKD 150 and include a welcome drink
More info: https://www.mandarinoriental.com/en/hong-kong/victoria-harbour/dine/the-aubrey
The Stage at Sophia Loren Hong Kong

Three places where to party this summer 2024 in Hong Kong
This glamorous cocktail lounge and live entertainment venue has recently opened its doors the chic, and brand-new Sophia Loren Hong Kong restaurant in Wan Chai’s historic Woo Cheong Pawn Shop. It’s all about blending sophistication with a dash of retro nostalgia. Imagine sipping on expertly crafted cocktails while soaking in live jazz, dancing the night away to 1970s beats, or laughing through a stand-up comedy show.
Don’t miss the expansive outdoor terrace that offers a front-row seat to the vibrant neighborhood below.
Signature cocktails here are sure to live up the spirit. Highlights include the Unforgettable, a soothing mix of Tanqueray gin with chamomile, honey, and lemon, and the Summertime, a refreshing blend of Ketel One and Aperol with tropical fruit notes. For a bolder choice, try the Milestones, a complex concoction of Bulliet Bourbon and Laphroaig.
The Stage isn’t just about drinks, though. It’s a full-blown entertainment hub with a separate theatrical hideaway for live performances. Enjoy live jazz on Wednesdays and Thursdays, dance floors with DJs on weekends, stand-up comedy brunches, and fabulous drag queen cabarets. For those seeking exclusivity, the secret “Blue Room” bar offers a VIP experience like no other.
Sophia Loren Hong Kong
60-66 Johnston Road, Wan Chai
LIPS Cocktails & Theater at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

Three places where to party this summer 2024 in Hong Kong
This unique cocktail and theatre venue is all about dramatic flair and top-notch entertainment. From dazzling performances to bespoke cocktails, LIPS transforms your night out into a spectacular show.
Step inside and you’re greeted by a vibrant, cabaret-style atmosphere. The decor is lush and extravagant, featuring velvet seating, bold colors, and an intimate stage that hosts a variety of acts. Expect everything from burlesque and drag shows to live music and immersive performances. The entertainment line-up is constantly rotating, ensuring every visit is a fresh experience.
The cocktail menu is equally impressive, with creations that are as theatrical as the performances. The Cath Me If You Can is a visually striking and playful cocktail crafted with a blend of Amaretto, lemon, Angostura bitters, egg white, blueberry juice, and acai berry. It is topped with a flavoured bubble that floats tantalisingly in the air, inviting guests to catch the bubble with their cocktail glass. Or you could opt for the Kiss Kiss, a sophisticated blend of H by Hine cognac, Cocchi Rosso red vermouth, fresh orange, Grenadine syrup, and port wine, culminating in a fiery flaming finish with a spritz of Grande Absinthe. Each drink is a masterpiece, crafted to complement the evening’s entertainment.


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