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The perfect midwife

November 23rd 2011

The perfect midwife
Giving birth isn’t always a breeze! Even if it’s an absolutely extraordinary moment, you have to admit that it’s not all easy going; especially when it’s your first child. So for ladies that who have a few apprehensions or feel anxious about it and need some support, we have the solution. Pascale Maitre, a French midwife who has been living in Hong Kong for seven years, offers her services to all new mums-to-be. Frankly, it’s not about going OTT. She really does sort you out! A first meeting to get to know you then three more to prepare you for the birth and the arrival of your darling baby. On call 24/7, she answers text messages faster than her shadow! During those 9 months, she’ll know how to guide you in your choices and will reassure you if you need reassuring. On the big day, Pascale manages everything like a true conductor. A true bespoke service! Whether it’s at lunch time or at 4 in the morning, she’ll come and check you up and take you to the maternity when she believes it’s time to go. Once you’re there, she’s a real superwoman: she has a grip on the whole situation, and she’s a great coach when push comes to shove! Over and above the practical, medical and physical aspects of birthing, Pascal offers great moral support. You’ll have gathered by now - one of us has just had a baby. We therefore tested it and have awarded it our seal of approval. 
« I started to offer my services in Hong Kong when I realised the need that certain women had to discuss their pregnancies, given the speed at which Doctor appointments take place here in Hong Kong. One has to admit that there is a real lack of psychological consideration when it comes to medical check-ups in Hong Kong. I love my job. I feel close to my patients. I am happy to be able to help them from a medical and psychological stand point in this important moment of giving birth”.
Pascale MAITRE
French registered Midwife
Private consultations
Pregnancy, birth and post-partum care
+852 61138491

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