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The Organic Pharmacy in Hong Kong !

November 15th 2011

The Organic Pharmacy in Hong Kong !
Their products have been praised by the greatest feminine magazines’ beauty editors and Madonna, Beyonce, Gwyneth Paltrow as well many more celebrities are amongst their fans! The good news is that a corner has just opened at Harvey Nichols’ beauty section in Pacific Place. Come and discover their range of organic treatments, sun tan creams, cosmetics and perfumes. Once you’re there, you’ll be invited to settle down for a short consultation in order to determine the treatments that are the best adapted to your skin and needs. Because Margo Marrone, the founder of The Organic Pharmacy, believes that you have to fight "oil with oil”, we let ourselves be tempted by the Carrot Butter Cleanser. A balm that melts once it’s applied to the skin and cleanses away dirt and make-up. We also walked away with another all-time favourite in our shopping bag: the Double Rose Rejuvenating Face Cream. We’ve tested the two products and they’ve been awarded Hong Kong Madame’s seal of approval! We loved the textures and the scents. On a different note, we were impressed by the colour scheme and the large choice of the brand’s organic beauty products. Nail varnish, lip stick, mascara, eye shadow and blush, foundation, powder, you’ll have a tough time trying to make a decision! The perfumes are also exceptional. If you’d like to change beauty products, go and try out The Organic Pharmacy! 
Harvey Nichols, level 1
Pacific Place, Wanchai, Hong Kong, + 852 2918 1711 / + 852 3968 2515

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