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Sweaty Movements: Boot-camp for the Southerners!

May 23rd 2014

Sweaty Movements: Boot-camp for the Southerners!
Notice to all those living on the south-side of the Island and who are looking to get the body of a goddess before summer: check out Sweaty Movements, an outdoor morning boot-camp run by Camilla. Whether it is in Repulse Bay, Bel-Air Residence or in Stanley, Camilla always finds ways for you to workout in a pleasant environment. The exercise regime will cover: cardio, abs, glutes, legs, arms, everything. The session begins with a jog and then we go for a series of circuits with a skipping rope, pumps, TRX, abs, lunges, sprints and tutti quanti. You are not there to take it easy. Camilla monitors and encourages every single participant. It is your chance to be motivated and reboot with every single power pump. Bring your friends to Sweaty Movements without hesitation!
Sweaty Movements
Intense Outdoor Training
Camilla Fernstrom
Personal Trainer, NASM Certified, +852 9733 3081
More info and schedule here: www.facebook.com/sweatymovements

1.Posted by fitboo on 08/07/2014 1:30 PM
Also looking for new Bootcamp classes in Southside! Thanks for the review, we'll check out Camilla's classes as soon as it's cool enough to get outside again.

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