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Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong partners with Biologique Recherche to give you that glow

March 18th 2019

Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong partners with Biologique Recherche to give you that glow
by Aude Camus
Those who know me know, I’m obsessed with my skin and taking extra-care of it. Always in for trying anything which can give me the glow: an even complexion, a radiant and luminous skin. I want my skin to be healthy and look healthy. So of course, I was in when the Spa at Four Seasons invited me to give a go to the Skin Perfector Facial, a brightening facial which uses the PIGM400 series from Biologique Recherche. “Instant results” and “unique afterglow” where the only things Shoshana, Senior Director of the Spa, had to tell me. I was hooked. 
Never heard of Biologique Recherche ? Oh, that’s a shame because this French brand is quite amazing! Over the past 40 years, the brand has built a strong reputation and is now well recognized for its botanical, marine and biological active ingredients-based skincare delivering instant yet long lasting results. 
Obsessed with even bright skin just like I am? You definitely wanna give a go to Biologique Recherche’s PIGM 400 series which products are formulated to reduce existing pigmentation spots and prevent appearance of new ones giving you a brighter and evener complexion. 
Hong Kong Madame’s fav: the Lotion P50 PIGM 400, a lotion which unifies the tone. A must!
Well back to the spa now, where the new treatment Skin Perfector Facial uses the PIGM 400 series. Facial starts with a cleanse followed by a double peel. Then, you are in for a PIGM 400 Masque, a special masque developed by Biologique Recherche and made of Lyocell, an eco-friendly very soft fabric adapting to the shape of your face to ensure optimal diffusion of the actives. A perfect moment to unwind and relax since you’ll be treated to arm, hand and scalp massage while the mask is posing. 
I swear my skin looked amazing afterward. So bright and healthy. Couldn’t decide if I wanted to go out immediately and show it off to the rest of the world or if I wanted to offer myself another few minutes of peace and enjoy the beautiful facilities of the spa. 

Skin Perfector Facial 
Monday to Thursday: HKD 2,000 (1h) / HKD 3,000 (1.5h) / HKD 3,800 (2h)
Friday to Sunday and on Public Holidays: HKD 2,200 (1h) / HKD 3,300 (1.5h) / HKD 4,200 (2h)
Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong


This write-up is based on a complementary Skin Perfector Facial offered by the Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong (no monetary compensation).  


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