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Sophrology column: Overcome your Fear of Flying

July 21st 2015

Sophrology column: Overcome your Fear of Flying
The odds of winning the lottery are greater than experiencing a plane accident!
By Aude Mahoudeau – Campoyer
Did you know that more than 30% of the population is scared of flying, mostly due to over mediatisation of accidents that fuels negative emotions towards it. Circumstances are always exceptional and rare but the visual impact is greater than anything. So how do you get over your fear?
First step, we have to demystify the experience with facts: when a plane takes off, it escalates at a 15-degree angle – max. But the tenser we are, the steeper we think we’re going. In strong turbulence planes fall 20 centimetres, no more. But when you’re going at 800km/h, it’s enough to make your dinner tray fall. No matter how strong it is turbulence in itself isn’t enough to cause an accident. A plane can withstand lightening.  Air holes don’t exist.
Secondly, you need to find concrete solutions. Stress and emotions alter our cardiac rhythm. But when you stop breathing properly physical symptoms are heightened (vertigo, palpitations, moist hands. So you have to force yourself to consciously exhale slowly to calm anxiety. Another trick is writing which awakens the cortex and takes over the emotional brain.
It’s very hard to deprogram apprehensions that are engraved in your psyche, but we can associate them with new images to our fears, positive ones. This method works particularly well when treating phobias.
With sophrology sessions, anxiety is substituted with so called “muddy” images, until all sensation of panic disappears. You’ll then be able to fly on planes more serenely and fully make the best of what is actually a great opportunity to relax.

Aude Mahoudeau - Campoyer
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