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Samahita Retreat: a little paradise

December 15th 2017

by Delphine

In Hong Kong, we live in the fast lane from dusk till dawn, 24/7. Because we want to get the most out of this lively city, do as much as we can, switch from our job to our kids, from our gym to the parties with friends, and because HK never stops. That is, until those long hours leaves us sleep-denied and coffee-deprived. That’s when you need to press on “Pause” and take a real nice break. Time to dream of a place where you could rest in silence, eat some good healthy meals made for you, exercise on the beach, be pampered, swim in warm water, meditate in peace and UN-PLUG! Let’s say, a place like paradise. That’s why lots of « Wellness Retreats » are blooming everywhere, especially in Thailand. The problem is that zenitude usually stops right away when you receive the bill, or realize that you have to practice 7h of Yoga with just on hour break for lunch, yet very healthy but a bit too light.
Only 3 hours away from Hong Kong, Samahita Retreat  is neither a spa resort, nor a spiritual retreat, or a yoga intensive holiday. It’s a mix of those taking only the best of each.

The venue. Hidden at the extreme south of Koh Samui, it’s right on the beach and super quiet. In the rising sun, at sun, the view is always awesome all day long. Made of wood, each space is built for you to feel relax and peaceful. You can eat your meal on the beach, next to the swimming pool, on large tables or sitting on small pillows like Japanese. Or wherever you want, you are 200% free.

What about the program? Actually there’s not, you do your own schedule, just as you want. You can chose to try everything and start at 7am with the first Cycling lesson, looking at the sunrise on the beach. Followed by one hour of Breathing Yoga. Keep moving with 90 mins of more intensive Yoga. The it’s time for brunch. Eggs as you want, cereals, fruits, bread, fresh juice, jam, honey and even chia and several kind of milk. Lots of energy! What about a nice walk on the beach now, or a swim in the sea. Maybe you prefer to relax in a deckchair. Or you have scheduled a massage or sauna before lunch. You can then enjoy a boat trip to a white sand island and do snorkeling, or a temple walk. Back to fitness with a Core lesson followed by Cycling and one hour relaxing Yoga watching the sunset. Dinner time. To end this beautiful day, nothing’s better than 30 mins meditation with a coach or a hammam before scratching in bed.
But if you’d rather spend the day reading a book, eat and relax, feel free. As I said you’re 100% free.

What about the food ? It’s not only super healthy, it’s also really good. Chef prepares something different every day. On the unlimited buffet you can find delicious curries, Thai salads, stir-fried veggies, brown rice, fruits, desserts, we want to try them all, totally guilt-free. Vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free, with or without fish, spicy or not, there’s something for everyone.

Besides this Integrated YogaCoreCycle package, you can add one of their 3 special programsDetox Weight Loss  or De-Stress . Each of those includes daily massages in their relaxing spa, herbs and oils.

Rooms are simple but comfy, staff is caring and smily, teachers are very professional. All of this at very reasonable cost. What else? Nothing…. a little paradise, I told you..
Samahita Retreat
Koh Samui, Thailand

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