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SPICE: feeling like Thai, Malaysian or Indian ?

June 9th 2015

SPICE: feeling like Thai, Malaysian or Indian ?
By Delphine
Tonight’s dilemma, your man feels like tandoori, you want a Tom Yam soup while your friends feel like Satay. Quite the conundrum indeed. You have 3 options: 1) you each go to a different restaurant, not the most social solution, 2) half of you moan all evening, far from ideal or 3) you head over to Spice in TST and everyone’s happy!
At Spice they have no less than 3 specialized chefs: The Indian, the Thai and the Malay. But only one owner, adorable and attentive to your every need, the service is impeccable. Menu in hand, my husband concentrated on samosas and chicken masala, I went for pomelo salad and Thai prawn green curry. We’ll be back to try the Malaysian food. Everything was delicious, beautifully fragrant and spiced to perfection. Speaking of which, if you don’t like spices, you’re in the wrong place. A warm naan and basmati rice were just what we needed to lap up all the sauces. Mark my word, we’ll be back!
2/Floor, No.1 Knutsford, TST, Kowloon
web : http://www.spice-restaurant.hk/index.php?goto=home
Tel: 2191 9880
Every day: noon-3pm   |  6pm-midnight
The Bill for 2: 520HK$
Samosa : 48HK$
Pomelo salad: 88HK$
Chicken Masala: 118HK$
Green Thai Prawn Curry: 118HK$
Fried vegetables: 85HK$
Garlic Naans : 28HK$
Rice: 35HK$

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