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Restoration: Cajun cuisine in Hollywood Road

October 19th 2012

Restoration: Cajun cuisine in Hollywood Road
Edit - January 7th 2018: this restaurant is now closed

French style on American soil; New Orleans really is unique in its ways. The same can be said for the new Wyndham Street restaurant, Restoration which brings a touch of Louisiana to Central! It’s a warm, friendly place with well styled décor, jazz music, po’ boys and a lively mix of Cajun dishes. We really fell for it, and totally recommend going there with a group of friends for a great night out. Waistlines beware, though: the meals aren’t light in the least, so this place won’t help you stick to your diet (you could always go for a salad…but that would be a real shame given the menu options!) We couldn’t resist the burger & chips, and we took the Griller sandwich with chicken, bacon, guacamole and gruyère too- they were so good! And since we’d already put any thoughts of diets to the back of our minds when we walked through the door, we allowed ourselves dessert too! The cookie was a real treat; thick, smooth and finished off with marzipan! And the night wasn’t over when the cookie was finished: with a glass of wine in hand, we kept on nattering away, putting the world to rights , allowing ourselves to drift away with the jazz rhythm sounds in the background. And just like that, you become a modern day Scarlett O’Hara! All it takes is a good appetite…!
1/F, 63 Wydham Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2536 0183

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