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Prince & The Peacock: opulent Indian dining with a regal feel

Black Sheep Restaurants brings India’s royal courts cuisine to Tai Kwun

July 8th 2024

Words by Aude Camus 
Indian cuisine is well represented in Black Sheep Restaurants’ portfolio of award-winning eateries, with New Punjab Club proudly being the world's first Punjabi restaurant to receive a Michelin Star. Yet, it’s evident that the hospitality group isn’t one to rest on its laurels. Its ever-expanding list of standout restaurants has recently welcomed a new addition: Prince & The Peacock. Nestled on the second floor of The Magistracy in Tai Kwun - the revitalised judicial house where the group also opened the eponymous The Magistracy dining room last year - Prince & The Peacock spotlights the cuisine and hosting traditions of India’s bygone royal courts.

Prince & The Peacock: opulent Indian dining with a regal feel
Opulence, the cornerstone of this concept, begins with the décor. Award-winning designer Joyce Wang drew inspiration from the attire and interiors of the legendary Maharajas. Tai Kwun's storied setting, with its charming architectural features rarely seen in Hong Kong - such as crackling floating floors, high ceilings, and windows opening onto a colonial-style terrace with views of low-rise heritage buildings - provides the perfect backdrop.
While inspired by regal grandeur, the décor isn’t overwhelming. The curved tile bar and curved sofa seating in the center of the 60-seat dining room add a contemporary touch. The nearly seven-meter-wide rug, designed in collaboration with artisans from the subcontinent, is a true masterpiece. In an amusing twist, the most opulent room in the restaurant might be the washroom, with its boudoir feel worth a visit whether you need to or not. But let's get back to the dining room—this is a restaurant review, after all.

Prince & The Peacock: opulent Indian dining with a regal feel
Turning our attention to the menu, don’t be intimidated by its massive appearance. It’s actually concise and compelling. Interestingly, for a Black Sheep Restaurants venue in such a prime location, the price point is surprisingly accessible, with mains ranging from HKD 138 to HKD 238 for the whole white pomfret with green peppercorns and lemons.
The menu takes you on a journey across India and eras, exploring the various empires, kingdoms, and tribes that have contributed to the richness and diversity of Indian cuisine. A read through the glossary  on the first page of the menu reveals the culinary legacies that have inspired Chef Palash Mitra. From the vegetarian specialties of Mysore and the biryanis of the Mughals to the Persian-influenced delicacies of Kashmiri cuisine and the historical ties with China evident in the fishing techniques and cooking implements of the Travancore and Cochin regions.

Prince & The Peacock: opulent Indian dining with a regal feel
Here are a few of the dishes I tried and loved:
Phaldari Chaatv
A spicy and savoury fruit salad that is refreshing and with that addictive ‘I need more’ factor, thanks to the homemade chaat masala (spice blend).
Chapli Kabab
A minced lamb patty seasoned with a house-made spice blend, cooked on the griddle then fried, showcasing the Afghan flavors brought by Mughal emperors.
Murg Makhanwala 
Inspired by Moti Mahal, the birthplace of butter chicken, this braised chicken simmered in rich tomato gravy is Chef Palash’s personal rendition of one of Indian cuisine’s most globally appreciated dishes.
Machli Angeethi
This white fish dish highlights the fishing tradition integral to the culture of Bengal along the east coast. Often served for celebrations and special occasions, it’s seasoned and crusted with shallots, tomatoes, chilies, and curry leaves, wrapped in lotus leaves, and char-grilled. It may remind you of similar dishes from Thailand or China.
Worth mentioning is the exceptional service. Hospitality in Hong Kong can be hit or miss, but the team at Prince & The Peacock nailed it, delivering warm professionalism and excellent knowledge of Indian cuisine and traditions.
The verdict: At this price point, Prince & The Peacock is almost a steal. It feels like you should rush to book a table before Black Sheep Restaurants realise what a gem they have and decide to raise the prices.

Prince & The Peacock 
2/F, Central Magistracy, Tai Kwun, 1 Arbuthnot Rd, Central, Hong Kong

This article is based on a complimentary dinner tasting hosted by Prince & The Peacock. No money has been paid to publish this review which is entirely based on the genuine opinion of its author.


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