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Po's Atelier and Cafe Deadent, two Little Sheung Wan Gems

March 28th 2013

Po's Atelier and Cafe Deadent, two Little Sheung Wan Gems
If you're looking for a good Sunday brunch venue or a place for a Saturday lunch with friends, Sheung Wan is where you want to be! We've found two really cosy secret spots - just the way we like them! Dead End Café and Po’s Atelier are next door to each other and share the same terrace over the weekend (it's closed during the week unfortunately.) Both places have cool interiors and a trendy design. Po's Atelier is a café/ bakery, and is well worth a trip for their olive and cheese breads- we'd sit there and eat two tons of them if we didn't know any better! They also make all sorts of different breads and some 'to die for' - and really original flavoured - pastries. Yum! We love the open kitchen design (as well as looking attractive, we must admit that we get a bit claustrophobic sometimes, so the open space really does us good...) Needless to say, we highly recommend Po’s Atelier (our favourite of the two). The cafe next door is great for grabbing lunch, and you can choose from a good range of open sandwiches (salmon, cucumber, ham, ham & mozzarella). Their food is nothing amazing, but it's a truly charming and practical place all the same.
Bon appetit - enjoy the terrace!
Po’s Atelier
Ground Floor – 62 Po Hing Fong (A little street behind Man Mo Temple)
Sheung Wan, HK
(852 60 56 8005
Café Deadend
72 Po Hing Fong, Sheung Wan, HK
(852) 6716 7005

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