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Partner news - Step by step baby preparations with A Petits Pas

January 30th 2013

Partner news - Step by step baby preparations with A Petits Pas
This is a perfect idea for all you busy mums- to -be! A new company called ‘A Petits Pas’ (little steps) which promises to take care of all your baby preparations. So, if you’re a woman who likes to live life in the fast lane or work right up until it’s time to give birth- or even if you’re just a bit stressed out by the mountain of things you have to do before the arrival of your mini-you, then this is news is for you… A Petits Pas organises everything to ensure that your baby gets the perfect arrival. From baby registry lists, personalised shopping and baby showers to the baby’s wardrobe and all the baby care bits- as well as finding a helper. All this means that you can put your worries to one side and relax, so that you can focus on making the most your pregnancy and then taking care of your newborn baby. The creator of the concept is Léa, a woman with a wealth of early childhood work experience who has decided to offer her services to expecting Mums in Hong Kong. She offers packages and made to measure preparation plans and can assist for as long as needed. Take a look at the website for more information about Léa, her services and more!
Exclusively for HK Madame readers: you can take advantage of a free of charge first home visit and a 10% reduction on the total bill. 
A Petits Pas
Léa Lantin
+ 852 9335 0915
Skype : lantin.lea


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