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Partner News - Tunique at Petit Bazaar!

November 21st 2012

Partner News - Tunique at Petit Bazaar!
Today’s news is that Tunique- our favourite and much mentioned jewellery range- now has its own counter at Petit Bazaar in Stanley. So if you live in the area, go in and take a look; or if you’re over there for a spot of lunch, take your normal stroll on the sand and then end the day with an armful of bracelets! Don’t forget that Christmas is just around the corner, and Tunique has some great gift ideas for mums, sisters and friends! To really mark the occasion the Disc.18K + Diamonds is our absolute favourite- what a little beauty! The Oval bracelet S.18K really took our fancy too! In the end we had to make an exit because we would have started to look a bit like a Christmas tree (well, it’s the right time of year, isn’t it!). To make your Christmas presents even more special, present the jewellery in one of Tunique's nice pouches. We really like the "love for ever", it’s so cute! So what are the main points for you to take away from this bulletin? 1) Go to Stanley 2) Stop off at Petit Bazaar 3) Raid the Tunique counter. It couldn’t be simpler! Enjoy!
Tunique at Petit Bazaar
9 Stanley Market Road, HK
(852) 2407 1892
Open every day from 10am to 7:30pm
Online purchases can be made by bank card or through paypal
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