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Partner News - Joint Dynamics – become a better, faster and stronger runner!

February 5th 2015

By Delphine


One simple question – Do you want to improve on your running? If the answer is yes, POWER RUN CLASSES are your solution.


Whether you’re a confirmed athlete or your only track record is running after a bus, these classes are made for you.

Designed by qualified running coaches and physiotherapists, the hour-long Power Run class was specifically created to improve endurance and running performance, while minimizing injury risk.

OK, I can already hear you going: “And what makes them so different and efficient? Isn’t it enough that I train on my own already several times per week? ”. Well no, it isn’t actually, as explained by Andrew the training director: “To run faster, you can’t just focus on your legs, it’s also important to strengthen your hips and torso and the rest of your body in order to maintain good physical condition and increase targeted running specific mobility”.

During these classes, you’ll be carrying weights, lifting kilos, performing rotations and more importantly, you’ll be having fun!


And, admit it, it’s more fun sweating in a group then on your own. You can share, comment, laugh…. And to make the feeling last longer, Joint Dynamics has created an online running community that shares comments, advice and loads of insider tips. All in all, you’ll improve your performance, your physical condition and widen your group of friends or running buddies.


So run over there now (as fast as you can ;-))!


Date: every Wednesday

Time: 7:30pm to 8:30pm

Venue: Joint Dynamics, 122 Queens Road Central

Cost: 1 class for $300, 10 classes for $2500


For more information:

122 Queen’s Road, Central

2nd floor: Clinique / 6th floor: Gym

Tel: +852 2762 0528

Email: admin@jointdynamics.com.hk

Website: www.jointdynamics.com.hk



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