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Partner News - How to dress sexy while pregnant!

June 5th 2013

Partner News - How to dress sexy while pregnant!
You can't do much about gaining those extra 10–20 kilos, but you can still do your best to look sexy while you're pregnant. Our top tip is to head to Mayarya (pronounced ma-ya-ari-ya) the new maternity-friendly clothes shop on Jervois Street, Sheung Wan. This place is a total treasure chest for fashionable, young mums(-to-be). You can find all sorts of maternity clothes which have been selected carefully by Reika Shetty. Reika, who has had two babies here in Hong Kong, understands the desire to look attractive despite the extra baby weight, and in particular, she knows how difficult it is to find good- looking maternity wear here! Knowing that no one ever does the job as well you do it yourself, she took on the challenge herself. The result is well- cut, sexy, feminine clothes from London, New York, LA, Tokyo and Sydney. Our favourite is Slacks & Co with their leather trousers, jackets, suits and sophisticated tops. The collections are on display in a really pretty and calm setting- and the Sheung Wan store will soon have a little sister because a second Mayarya is due to open at Stanley Plaza at the beginning of August. For those of you who are expecting and find it difficult to get out and about, don't worry: Mayarya’s team of in-store stylists can make house calls at no obligation to buy. Mayarya has an online store too! Delivery within Hong Kong is free of charge and is also guaranteed to arrive within 48 hours. So there's no excuse for not making the most of your voluptuous baby body now is there?!
G/F, 26 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


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