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Partner News - Cattier – 100% organic care for the whole family

September 25th 2015

Partner News - Cattier – 100% organic care for the whole family

By Delphine


Blistering sun tans, pollution and humidity, and hair which turns into a frizzball? Goodbye carefree days, and hello Hong Kong! A return from your holidays, doesn’t mean you have to forego your sunkissed skin and silky smooth hair.


Our beauty brand of the month: Cattier!


A household name in France and one of our favourite personal care brands to bring back that peachy feel and look to our skin and hair is now available in Hong Kong.  Certified organic by Eco cert, free from colouring agents and synthetic fragrances, Cattier has ranges for all skin and hair types and even a special line for babies.

There’s no need to run across town to get that shampoo for him, or that special soap for her, just trust Cattier, the French brand that get’s it all right. No matter if it’s for your body, hands, face, hair, lips or teeth, you can be sure that you’ll be 100% seduced.


Our favourite: the clay line, pure bliss!



More information: http://www.jirehhealthhk.com/main/cattier.html

Email : info@jirehhealthhk.com

Phone : 2838 8902


Available in all “Food for life” stores in Hong Kong:



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