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Partner News: At your best after the holidays

September 9th 2015

Partner News: At your best after the holidays
The holidays are over, switch the clocks back to Hong Kong time, prepare yourself to plunge back into work and get the kids ready for school. What if we told you we had a miracle solution to make your return to reality as smooth as possible… with our wild card:  essential oils.  When caring for your body, mind and spirit, there’s nothing like this 100% natural little boost. And we chose the best: Pranarôm. It might ring a bell because the brand is one of the leaders in aromatherapy in France, or it could be that you’re already fully versed when it comes to the benefits of aromatherapy. Whatever it is, follow our advice to be at your best after the holidays!
September, time to take your body in your own hands
Summer’s over and your feet, hands and face are dehydrated. To help skin tissue retain moisture, give it a massage at night with organic Shea butter that you heat up slightly by rubbing in your hands. For cracks and particularly dry areas, add melted butter and two drops of Labdanum essential oil to the mix before applying to your skin. On top of working wonders it’s also extremely pleasant!
If you’re concerned that Shea butter is too greasy to use on a daily basis alternate with the ADAPTARÔM cream, its wonderfully soft texture will work wonders on even the most sensitive skins.
Feel like getting back into exercise? Good for you  - but watch out for those initial aches and pains! Wintergreen and Lemon Eucalyptus mixed with arnica oil for its well-known anti-inflammatory and soothing benefits, will work magic before and after your workout. The Aromalgic range by Pranarôm has a spray and massage oil that are great for workout prep and are precious allies for fighting chronic pains. New – the massage roll on that’s so easy to use and a great quick fix for joints and muscles.
Bye Bye Stress!
This year stress won’t get you. You’re fully relaxed after your holiday and you’ll stay zen in front of your boss’ tantrums and all those reports due in yesterday. Pranarôm has two essential oil blends that work wonders in stressful times. The first is used for massages. Massage your solar plexus before going to work in the morning with the  « Massage RELAX » blend (2 drops added to 2 drops of vegetable oil) that fight nervous spasms, help  with focus and is all together very comforting. The second option: the Zen blend to diffuse in your home that will give you peace of mind before heading out.
Jet lag – what’s that!
You’ve been jet setting across the globe and defying time zones. You’ve been blown away by so much beauty and coming down from cloud nine might take a toll on you. Be proactive and follow this recipe to get over jetlag:
1mL of Roman chamomile essential oil
2ml of Petitgrain essential oil
2ml of exotic basil
Apply one drop of this mix in honey or cane sugar to suck on 2 to 3 times a day as soon as you leave.
Discover all Pranarôm products on the Aroma Vera e-shop:
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