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PROOF: my little bakery

May 19th 2017

By Delphine
What I miss the most since I live in Hong Kong? Bite the end of a crunchy fresh baguette, savor a warm buttery croissant on my way to the office, fall for a golden brioche and pick up my whole-wheat loaf on my way back home.
This was before I found this hidden treasure in a small Happy Valley: Proof bakery.
In the morning, it welcomes me with yummy pastries: pain au chocolat, croissant, but also some daily surprises: cinnamon rolls, apple sauce muffins, almond croissant. A bit later, buns filled with spinach, mushrooms or cheese are perfect for a quick lunch, with a coffee and chocolate cake.
You won’t find any chairs nor tables, this is a bakery, not a fast food. The baker kneads the dough, the sourdough gets ready, baguettes are waiting on the rack behind large ovens. People take-away. For dinner, I will get one multigrain loaf and one Norwegian whole-wheat loaf for tomorrow morning.  
One only negative point, it closes at 4pm, a bit too early…
More info: https://www.facebook.com/proofhk/?fref=ts
Address: 14 Tsun Yuen St, Happy Valley, Hong Kong
Phone: 6542 9788
Opening hours: 8am-4pm

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