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POPSY MODERN KITCHEN: The Arty restaurant on Wellington Street

January 15th 2016

POPSY MODERN KITCHEN: The Arty restaurant on Wellington Street
Edit - January 7th 2018: this restaurant is now closed

By Delphine
The restaurant in an art gallery... or the art gallery in a restaurant, you choose.
What’s for sure is that it’s beautiful! On the walls, in the plate, the ceiling...
Everywhere you turn, there’s art, and it’s beautiful!
As for the decor, Jennifer Cheung, restaurant interior designer, makes it very clear that she doesn’t do things halfway. Room dividers covered in flowers, brushwood and plants of different varieties, and plants even falling from the ceiling. The walls hold a photo exhibition that changes every two months. And not just of any photos, please, but the very best! Marble tables, beautiful cutlery... in short, it’s exquisite.
Each dish is a work of art. I was reluctant to dig in, and wondered whether to ask for permission first. Flowers of all colours, light mousse, immaculate domes, golden nuggets, one has to wonder if the food was hand painted or sculptured.
And what’s more, it is not only ravishing but also delicious: the volcano egg is to die for, lamb chops are juicy, and the dessert ends the meal beautifully.  
The little sister of Popsy Room is born and is really worth a visit. We adore it!
More information: http://www.popsymodern.com/
Address: 5/F, 184-198 Wellington Street, Central
Telephone: +852 2907 8188
Menu for two: 1,360HK$
  • 1 tasting menu (4 plats): 688HKD
  • 1 crispy volcano egg: 118HKD
  • 1 scampi in the clouds: 258HKD
  • 1 crystal snow ball: 168HKD
  • 1 poptail: 128HKD

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