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Our 8 fav products to shop at Glossier

September 10th 2019

by Aude Camus 
I can’t believe that me hitting the streets of New York and stocking-up on beauty products I cannot find in Hong Kong (because yes, in case you didn’t know yet, I’m a beauty products addict. Not kidding at all, you should see my bathroom shelves … I do blame my few years of working in the beauty industry for that) was already a month ago. God, bring me back the summer break! 
Speaking of stocking-up on American beauty products, I had to visit Glossier! Glossier? A beauty start-up launched in 2014 by former fashion assistant Emily Weiss who first started cult beauty blog Into The Gloss before moving to Glossier. The brand quickly ascended to cult status with its minimalist approach to beauty and its so recognizable millennial-pink packaging. 
The brand does have a flagship store in New York which is totally worth visiting for the quite unique retail experience it delivers. But Glossier was first created as an online brand and online shopping remains at the core of the business with the brand shipping to the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark and France. Visiting any of those countries soon? You definitely wanna make sure and order some Glossier and here is our list of fav products to shop on their website. 
by alphabetical order
Balm Dotcom
Universal skin salve

Our 8 fav products to shop at Glossier
A cult multipurpose lip balm which comes in eight different balm flavors. 
Why we love it: its dense and waxy texture is perfect and brings real moisture. We don’t use it for lips only but also for skin (whenever we have a small irritation and need an extra dose of moisturization) and cuticles. 
Hong Kong Madame buys: the Original one, fragrance-free and untinted because it’s just the best and also the Coconutone, also untinted but with the most delicious ever coconut flavor. 
USD 12 (15ml)
Brow Flick 
Eyebrow detailing pen

Our 8 fav products to shop at Glossier
A brush-tip detailing pen, available in three shades, that fills in brows and brings more color and better eyebrow definition but all with a very natural feel to it. 
Why we love it: because it just makes you look better but still very natural and also because good looking eyebrows are the key to a captivating look. Oh, and also because it’s just so easy and quick to use and we do love effortless.
USD 18
Cloud Paint
Seamless cheek color

Our 8 fav products to shop at Glossier
A cheeky cream blush available in six different shades.
Why we love it: the gel-cream formula is perfect and makes it easy to create a very natural look. This blush just makes you look healthy. 
Hong Kong Madame buys: the Beam shade, a soft peach that just perfectly complements our summer tan.
USD 18
Glitter Gelée
Multigrade paillettes

Our 8 fav products to shop at Glossier
Which girl doesn’t like a bit of sparkle in her daily life? This Glitter Gelée, available in four different shades, is bringing it to you.
Why we love it: because it’s glittery! And so so easy to apply (because yes we all know it, paillettes can be a nightmare) thanks to the transparent gel base. We only need a dab near the corners of our eyes and we already feel different. 
Hong Kong Madame buys: the Phantasm one, opalescent with holographic specks mirroring the light and giving you a beautiful glow.
USD 14
Lash Slick
Film form mascara

Our 8 fav products to shop at Glossier
Finding the perfect everyday mascara isn’t easy, right? We want natural but beautiful, long lasting but not flaking and still easy to remove at the end of the day (I really don’t feel like battling 15 min with a waterproof mascara at the end of a very long day when all I can think of is my bed!). 
Why we love it: it’s water resistant but not waterproof meaning that it will stay on all day but washes off easily with warm water (or even better with Glossier’s Milky Jelly Cleanser) and it feels like it’s lengthening your lashes but doesn’t not clump them together.  
USD 16 
Milky Jelly Cleanser
Conditioning face wash 

Our 8 fav products to shop at Glossier
A daily face wash pH-balanced
Why we love it: the creamy gel formula is so easy to apply and massage on skin and it can be used both in the morning to freshen-up the skin and in the evening to remove the make-up, on wet skin or on dry skin. The formula is also made of a blend of five different skin conditioners meaning that it does clean the face but doesn’t not drain it. See this unpleasant feeling of tight skin you sometimes have after washing you face and rinsing it with water? You won’t get that with this one, skin still feels soft. 
USD 18 (177ml) 
Super Glow
Vitamin C Face Serum

Our 8 fav products to shop at Glossier
A skin that looks energized with a healthy glow is my Graal, something I’m working on all year long and this Super Glow serum enriched in Vitamin C and Magnesium is my best ally. 
Why we love it: its milky emulsion texture soaks in immediately, freshening up the skin and evening the tone. After using it for several weeks, we definitely feel like our skin is looking brighter. 
USD 23 (30ml) 
Zit Stick
Breakout eraser

Our 8 fav products to shop at Glossier
Good lord, there is a pimple on my face! I need a quick way to fix this! This stick erases the zit in just a few hours.
Why we love it: format is perfect as the stick can live in your bag, not to mention it’s totally invisible and can therefore be used at any time unlike most pimple treatments you usually apply right before going to bed. 
USD 14 



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